sand_nigger642 days after the deadly 2012 terrorist attack on the US compound in Libya that killed 4 Americans. a low level terror suspect of Ansar al-Sharia named Ahmed Abu Khattalah has been detained. This after the now suspected law breaker was openly interviewed by multiple news outlets days and weeks following the deadly terrorist attack.

Why him and why now? James Rosen from Fox News asked this very question to a state department spokesperson today.

Ahmed Abu Khattalah was detained Monday by the FBI and special forces and is now on his way back to America for a show trial in America. This is what Obama has been trying to do too America since he took office. In 2009 Obama wanted show trials for terrorists in New York City only to then be canceled because public reaction became to negative.

Obama wants to blame and shame America and its freedom loving citizens for the perceived inadequacies felt around the world. To the left the problems facing the world are always the result of America being America.  Khattallah is the perfect low level dupe to promote the leftist anti-American mantra for the whole world to see. It’s a win, win for Obama. He can take credit for capturing a so called, “suspected leader” of a terrorist group that killed 4 Americans in Benghazi, then gleefully watch as the suspect rants and raves on in a civilian court of law about how islamophobic, evil and unfair our country is while creating a gigantic spectacle for the whole world to see. Heck. I wouldn’t be surprised if he blamed the anti-Islamic video for his actions.

Khattalah is a low level order taker. The real leader in charge of Ansar al-Sharia is Mohammed Al-Zahawi. He walks freely around Libya even today and often gives opened ended press conferences with the last one openly held on May. 27 , 2014. Why not go after him?

Why? Because it’s all about politics and the polling that comes with it.  With Hillary Clinton gearing up for another run for the White House in 2016 and the president losing support for the disaster they both created in Iraq, they needed to get their foreign policy ratings up to speed and so quickly nabbing a lower tiered terrorist suspect instead of the big honcho fulfills their political needs in a way without upending the terrorist apple cart in the Middle East.

Is it not interesting that on May 29, the same week damaging poll numbers for Obama and Hillary revealed that the majority of Americans felt the two were “deceitful” when it came to their handling of the attack on Benghazi, they set up a secret lunch to discuss strategy at the White House .

The new damaging poll numbers on Benghazi had to be quelled quickly in light of the new revelations concerning the devastating collapse of their foreign policy agenda that we are now witnessing in the Middle East. Arresting a low level terrorist informant on a Benghazi street corner may do the trick and help Obama and Hillary in the short term. But in the long run, trying to silently keep al Qaeda alive in order to save their political legacies will ultimately be doomed by their own short sidedness. The foreign policy fiasco that is unfolding throughout the Middle East should be tied directly to Obama and Hillary. It is a result of their inept short term decision making and the blame for that should fall solely on them and not on to the rest of America.