vigilantJust when you would think that after a horrific terrorist attack on our good neighbors up north, our American government would clamp down and fortify its own government facilities just in case nefarious actions would be brought upon them. After all, President Obama responded to the Canadian terror attack saying, “We have to stay vigilant.”


The attack prompted NORAD to be put on high alert but, apparently the people at the White House were less than vigilant. They were asleep at the wheel.

An individual was allowed to jump the fence at the White House last night and wreck havoc on the Secret Service and their dog detail in an embarrassing display of lax security.


Any fair minded person would think that after a terror attack in Canada which prompted tightened security around there and in our country, the people in the White House would take the threat seriously and, “stay vigilant” and implement the necessary safety procedures. If the people in the White House aren’t too concerned about the terrorist threats against them, you start to wonder if they take seriously the terrorist threats that face the rest of the country.