Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

The false narrative that is being shoved down our throats everyday now is that, “White cops are killing unarmed, innocent  black men.” We are told that this is why protests are being organized in democrat strongholds. We are constantly told to believe this malarkey when the facts suggest otherwise. It’s as if the false narrative of a bumper sticker slogan is more relative than the real facts in each case. If facts don’t matter in a society that is kept civil by using the rule of law, we are no longer a civil society? It is my belief the far-left is implementing this torturous exercise on America to nationalize local police departments and put them under federal control. We wouldn’t want to get the facts in the way of this leftist, utopian wet dream now would we?

Never mind that the facts in the Michael Brown case were that he robbed and beat a store owner in Ferguson Missouri. He would shortly thereafter punch and unsuccessfully try to steal a police officer’s weapon only to cause that weapon to discharge in the officer’s vehicle. Michael Brown would ultimately lose his life when he resisted arrest and then bull rush the arresting officer.

In the case of Eric Garner, the facts tell us that his demise was attributed to resisting arrest for selling cheap and illegal cigarettes outside establishments that sold them legally. The Sargent who was involved with the arrest of Eric Garner just so happens to be an African-American woman who has worked for the NYPD for years. The police officers were responding to a loitering complaint called in by a local business.

Grand juries were convened to find out the truth of what happened in both of these cases. Witnesses were called forth and the facts were gleaned and in the end the verdicts were rendered. Both cases were decided not by the color of one’s skin but by the facts of each case.  It was ironic hat the same verdict was issued in these two cases as was with the much publicized case involving the so called,”white-hispanic” racist vs. Trayvon Martin just a few years ago,

It just so happens that Barrack Obama, Al Sharpton and their liar czar, race baiting media friends are 0 for 3 when trying to fundamentally transform local police departments using the false narrative of racism. They have collectively struck out in their attempt to nationalize local police departments into one all powerful police force controlled by the federal government. Their ability to build a mountain of lies into the gospel of false truth will be most likely coming to a sobering end. It will end when the protesters finally come to realize that the fight is not with their local police departments, but with an all powerful and dangerous federal government. The protesters will come to understand that they are being used and lied too by their own federal government and their leftist media partners to further build their dream of a more powerful and repressive government that aims not to free human liberty, but enslaving it.