Jorge Ramos  takes selfie with Hillary Clinton

Jorge Ramos takes selfie with Hillary Clinton

Just about every media outlet in this country has donated to The Clinton Foundation Slush Fund. They have been whining about the fact that Hillary hasn’t been taking or answering any of their questions. It looks like these media boobs didn’t get the Hillary campaign memo yet. She doesn’t give a damn about answering any of your questions. You will get access to Hillary after you do your duty and help her win the White House.

Well, Univision seems to have gotten the message loud and clear last week as they started a full throated, frontal assault on surging republican candidate Donald Trump. Since his announcement Mr. Trump has been climbing in the polls, threatening Univision’s in-house candidate. The problem for Univision and Hillary Clinton is that Donald Trump wants to build a wall along the southern border to keep dangerous criminals from entering our country. Unlike Univision and Hillary Clinton, Mr. Trump stands with a majority of most Americans on the issue of illegal immigration. He understands there is a law that stipulates if foreign nationals cross our borders into our country that is a violation of American immigration law. This very law used to be enforced until Barack Obama became president.

You can add Univision Communications Inc. as the latest Liar Czar Media member to pay-to-play with the Clinton family slush fund. Univision is a Spanish language network that has over 2.5 million viewers who would benefit from Hillary Clinton amnesty/open border proposals. They are the same as Obama’s. Univision’s owner, Haim Saban has donated up to $25 million dollars to The Clinton Foundation in 2014 alone. He is also the largest donor to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. His wife Cheryl serves on the board of the foundation. To further illustrate the cozy relationship between Univision and Hillary, Univision’s lead anchor Jorge Ramos has a daughter working for Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff. Univision and the Clinton Foundation are currently working on 12 projects that Univision devotes millions of dollars of donations, free programming and free access to their celebrity anchors that will help bring attention to the growing national crisis of helping children under the age of five talk, read and sing. Another point of emphasis of their relationship is helping children avoid being entrapped into the ever so dangerous world of climate change. To work with Univision and the Clinton Foundation to fight this made-up problem is billionaire Tom Steyer. His company, Next Generation is a non-profit company devoted to dealing with this concocted, world wide hoax. In April of this year Mr. Steyer abruptly changed the emphasis of his $65 million dollar company from directly focusing on public policy to politics. Ironically, this change happened in April at the same time Hillary was announcing her presidential run. Mr. Steyer’s company is now called NextGen Climate Action. The company will be giving millions of dollars to socialist-democrat candidates in 2016. Mr. Steyer’s political consultant is Chris Lahane who just so happens to be an opposition research expert who once served as White House rabble rouser for the famously, impeached American president William Jefferson Clinton.

Univision understands that their million dollar investment with the Clinton’s won’t payoff until after the election. That’s why for Univision, Hillary must win at all costs! Even if that means assisting in taking out her political opponents. The hierarchy at Univision has admitted that they will spend as much as it will take to get Hillary Clinton elected. Therefore the question must be asked. When a supposedly well respected global news organization such as Univision openly decides to becomes a political arm of a presidential candidate all while promoting that candidates fraudulent foundation, can that news organization still claim to be objective and unbiased? It’s quite obvious that the answer is no. Univision has sold its soul to the Clinton family presidential slush fund in order to advance its own open border agenda that belies the wishes of a majority of Americans. While Univision, Tom Steyer and the Clinton’s openly wave their middle finger at America, they need to remember that a majority of America is proudly waving their middle finger right back at them!