imageAt a campaign event in Scranton, Pennslvania yesterday,  Hillary Clinton slipped off the stage yet again. This occurred while she was introducing Joe Biden. As more of these incidents occur, it is becoming more apparent that what we are witnessing before our very eyes is a presidential candidate that is physically unfit to serve as president of the United States.

You have to remember Hillary suffered a major brain injury back in 2013. It forced her to have a lengthy stay at the ICU of a New York City hospital. She was reportedly treated for brain clots, seizures and concussion like symptoms. Her condition was so serious her daughter was visibly upset after visiting her. When you take in consideration that Hillary hasn’t had an official press conference in over 255 days, it leads some people to question whether she is “fit” to be commander-in-chief?

Recent videotaped interactions with the press have left many reporters baffled by her strange behavior.  Leaving many of them to suspiciously speculate if her campaign is hiding something about her medical condition?

It is quite reasonable for people to have questions about the “fitness” of a presidential candidate who is near seventy years of age. All modern day presidential candidates have had their medical records released to the public in good faith.  The sole exception of that rule was Barack Hussein Obama. Keep in mind that Obama was nearly 25 years younger than Hillary Clinton was when he was running.  If she can’t answer or understand cogent questions? Walk up a flight of stairs or stand up on stage by herself without the assistance of others? Then Mrs Clinton isn’t fit to serve as president of the United States.

There have been far too many physical missteps from Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail to not take notice. It’s high time that she publicly release her medical records for the sake of the country. Eight years ago a person similar in age to Mrs. Clinton was running for president. He was hounded by the liar czar media to release his medical records. He would willfully comply. Why shouldn’t Hillary Clinton be required to do the same today?