imageDonald Trump and his campaign went over the line when they attacked Ted Cruz’s wife in a tweet that showed Heidi Cruz in a negative light. It’s seems Donald, his campaign and friends in the media don’t understand the rules that are on the books regarding campaign super PACS . They fail to realize that it is illegal for any political candidate to “organize,” “consult” or “coordinate” with any super PACS. Ted Cruz or any other candidate for that matter has no control over what someone else’s super PAC creates. Donald Trump on the other hand does control what he does and Ted Cruz has had enough of it!

What apparently upset the Donald was a super PAC ad that showed his wife posing semi-nude as a professional model some years ago. The super PAC named, “Make America Awesome” produced the ad. It is an anti-Trump group run by Liz Mair. Ms. Mair is a GOP establishment adviser and is reportedly paid $15,000 a month by Ilham Aliyev, the dictator of Azerbaijan.

It’s amazing that we have the front runner of the republican presidential race attacking another candidate’s wife. It is embarrassing that Donald Trump can’t stop himself from constantly tweeting 24-7. He tweets at a rate higher than a 10 year old child. ┬áIt’s almost appears as if he has serious psychological issues with women who are beyond his control. The bigger problem facing Donald Trump isn’t other candidate’s wives. It’s women voters. New polling suggests seventy percent of women will not be voting for him next November. With these numbers, he can’t possibly win.