DICKTATORWhere does our delusional president escape too after his socialist agenda was soundly rebuked by the, “stupidity of the American people?” Where did he go to lick his wounds and retool his unwanted agenda? Where would he possibly go to congregate and dress similar to like-minded thinkers? Why not go to the dictator conference being held at the Star Wars Bar in the totalitarian country of The People’s Republic of China? I have never seen our dear leader look so happy and comfortable. He seems happy as a clam in the Communist controlled country. A country by the way that has murdered over 1,000,000 citizens.

This repressive country also believes, “that power, the dictatorship of the proletariat, must be used to tear down the old feudal or capitalist order and rebuild society and culture to realize this utopia.” Their philosophy believes It’s really quite permissive to murder people for the progress of communism. No wonder our dear leader is having so much fun over there. Their into fundamental transformation too. But, somebody forgot to tell our boy genius that chewing gum in public is rude. No one cared to tell Obama that fact because it is assumed Obama knows everything.

He is having so much fun over there hanging out with his dictator buddies it’s no wonder that he begins thinking and behaving like one himself. While he has been away we learn he is emboldened to; illegally take over and regulate the internet, unconstitutionally waiving immigration laws to grant amnesty to 5 million people in America; illegally and without congressional approval of congress sign an agreement with a Chinese dictator that will ruin the American economic engine for years too come.

We know from experience that our constitution-hating president never feels the need to follow the rule of law here at home. Even when he travels abroad, he seems to relish and take pleasure in trashing the rule of law for his own. Interestingly, he does this when in the friendly company of despotic dictators who ironically do the same exact thing.