imageThree months before Donald Trump decided to parachute into the world of American politics, conservative Ted Cruz was already campaigning across America for president of the United States of America. In doing so he began running on the same successful ideas of the 1980 Ronald Reagan conservative campaign theme, “Make America Great Again!”

Ronald Reagan, Ted Cruz or any other person running for president would never consider trademarking the popular phrase because it was a universal theme that all proud Americans shared and believed in. If you did, you would have been called a sell out and loser.  It is safe to  imply that anyone who wanted to trademark a phrase that was successfully used  by Ronald Reagan’s campaign back in 1980 was only in it for the money. That’s why you trademark anything in the first place.

Donald Trump trademarked the phrase back in 2012 before he had any thoughts of running for president. One can assume he did it to cash in on Reagan’s legacy, image and popularity.  That’s why Donald Trump does anything and everything. For money. I wonder if the first words spoken by Neil Armstrong as he stepped on the moon are trademarked? If not, look for someone from Donald Trump’s camp to find out. Maybe someday we will see those words on a red baseball cap on sale in the gift shop at Trump Tower?