In the aftermath of the radical Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, a new politically correct, leftist catch phrase was invented to shamefully scorn Donald Trump and anyone else who happens to agree with his idea of temporarily suspending Muslim migration to the United States. The new catch phrase is, “this is not who we are.” Is this true?  When you look back at administrations in the past to see if they ever suspended Muslim migration, it turns out they did. When you put together all the facts you come to realize that suspending Muslim migration has happened before. This is who we are!

According to the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952 “it is who we are.” The act was also known as the McCarran-Walter Act named after the democrat cosponsor’s Pat McCarran (D-NV) and Francis Walter (D-PA). The act allowed the federal government to deport immigrants and natural born citizens who acted in subversive activities against the United States. It also gave the federal government permission to bar suspected subversives from entering the country.. Therefore, the law is already on the books for any president to use.

Jimmy Carter enacted the same type of legislation in 1980 following the violent take over of the American Embassy in Tehran that held 15 American hostages for over a year during the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Carter broke diplomatic relations with Iran. Placed economic sanctions against the country and stopped imports to Iran. Most importantly, Carter invalidated all visas issued to Iranian citizens for future entry into the United States. He did not reissue visas, nor did he allow the issuance of new visas. The evidence of a president stopping the visa process for the sole purpose of keeping America safe is there. I don’t recall Jimmy Carter getting raked over the coals over this issue by the Liar Czar Media and the democrat party? It is also worth noting that in 1980,  52 Americans were being held hostage in an American embassy in Tehran. The difference today,is that  Americans are being slaughtered on the streets of their own neighborhoods by Muslim terrorists who have illegally infiltrated our country using our visa program. If Jimmy Carter can halt the migration of Iranians from entering the United States, how is that any different than what Donald Trump is calling for?

Another instance where Muslim migration was temporary halted by an American president was back in 2011 when Barack Hussein Obama halted the migration of Iraqi immigrants after it had become known  that there were breaches in The Refugee Resettlement Plan. The breaches allowed Muslim terrorists to illegally enter America only to be later arrested on terrorism charges. Obama halted the migration plan for six months. Why was our dear leader not considered a Islamophobic bigot back then?

Looking back at the history of temporarily halting Muslim migration to this country, you understand how hypocritical  it is to watch politicians from both sides of the isle scream and bemoan Trump’s plan by saying, “this is not who we are.” People can continue to deride Trump’s idea of temporaringly halting Muslim migration as “bigotry” and “Un-American” as long as they want.  Just remember they are the ones who are conveniently forgetting the mere fact it has been done before during the democrat administrations of Harry Truman, Jimmy Carter and Barack Hussein Obama.