CNN continues to funnel money and attention into the Clinton Family Slush Fund. Their so-called, “foundation” rakes in over $160 million dollars a year and only 10% of that money goes to actual projects that help people. What CNN and the Clinton’s have now become for all to see are partners in promoting the Clinton Family Slush Fund and the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential run. No time since our country’s founding has a media outlet openly spent this amount of time and money supporting and promoting one family’s business and political interests at the same time. In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” host Jake Tapper, who himself has partaken in many Clinton Foundation fundraisers, interviewed the former president at the Clinton Global Initiative in front of an adoring audience filled with lame brain socialists. Check out the mocking banter concerning the GOP field between Mr. Tapper and the former impeached president.

It seems that CNN has now become nothing more than a infomercial for an old and tired politician who is selling the same snake oil from years gone past while he sits in front of a foundation logo for the sole purpose of promoting his phony foundation. For CNN to continue to be the official broadcast partner of the Clinton Foundation and continually promote the Clinton’s on a daily basis is scandalous and obscene in itself. Not only does CNN continue to donate to the Clinton Foundation Slush Fund, they and their reporters continue to fundraise, host and attend activities on behalf of the snake oil foundation.

CNN is one of the lowest rated cable news networks in America and it isn’t hard to understand why. CNN has now thrown away any credibility and objectivity it may have once had and become the official broadcast partner that simultaneously promotes and supports the Clinton family political machine and their unethical snake oil foundation. One can only wonder why the people who work at CNN are not ashamed and embarrassed at what they have now become. They are nothing more than a promotional arm for the Clinton family. CNN is shamelessly promoting the Clinton Family Slush Fund and themselves. Welcome to socialist-democrat politics in 2015. This unfortunately is CNN.