chippy101014The White House covered up the Secret Service sex scandal in Cartagena because it involved a 25 year old White House staffer named Jonathan Dach and his prostitute. The scandal was also suppressed and covered up so as to not damage the 2012 election chances of Barack Hussain Obama. At the time of the scandal back in 2012 the White House would give assurances that nobody from this administration was involved and that two dozen Secret Service Agents were reassigned or fired. Even the White House spokesperson would deceitfully say there was, “not a pattern of behavior” from this administration as regards to the scandal.

Carney would then go on and  promise that there would be a full internal investigation into the incident and after all the facts were gathered a report would be issued and therefore he couldn’t comment on anything because the investigation was ongoing.   Where have we seen this disturbing “pattern of behavior” from the Obama White House before?

We saw it with the Fast and Furious gun running scandal that the Obama administration lied about which sent thousands of guns to Mexico that ultimately led to the murder of border agent Brian Terry and thousands of innocent Mexicans.

We also saw this, “pattern of behavior” regarding the IRS scandal in which the Obama Administration illegally used the Internal Revenue Service to attack his political opponents.

We saw it with the Veterans Affairs scandal. The Obama administration knew for 4 years about the problems at the VA and when this scandal broke the administration would start another, “investigation” into the matter.

The “pattern of behavior” continued during investigations into not only the scandals at the IRS, but spying on the Associated Press and Benghazi. Jay Carney says the administration would take appropriate action once the independent reports are finished and all the facts are known.

As you can see the Obama administration has used the same playbook when claiming there is “not a pattern of behavior” when it pertained to their own illegal behavior involving scandals such as  the Secret Service, Fast and Furious, IRS, VA and AP. The administration tells us they only learn about these scandals when they open their newspapers. With the new revelations coming out today in the press regarding the White House involvement in the Secret Service scandal, it’s about time that after six years the press is beginning to investigate the Obama administration instead of the Obama administration investigating itself.