imageIn September of 2012, Hillary Clinton would repeatedly lie that an obscure video was responsible for the deadly terrorist attacks in Benghazi. She would make that audacious lie in order to try to protect herself from something much bigger. That would be illegally shipping American made weapons to Libya in violation of a UN arms embargo. On October 22, 2013 Hillary Clinton would again lie not only to Rand Paul, but to the entire country when she testified, “no” when asked if she was aware, “the U.S. was shipping weapons to the Libyan rebels directly or indirectly?”

New evidence uncovered by Judicial Watch reveals quite the opposite. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and others not only knew about, but authorized the arm shipments being sent to Libya and Syria. In 2011, Hillary Clinton’s State Department illegally authorized an American arms dealer permission to transfer shipments of arms to Qatar which were later funneled to the rebels in Libya and Syria. Documents recovered at the burned out American annex in Benghazi proves that U.S. officials there were tracking American arm shipments intended for the so-called friendly rebels who were fighting for a post Gaddafi government.

Hillary’s State Department began to realize that half of the American made arms that flowed into Libya were winding up in Syria. At this time they also began to shockingly conclude that many of the rebel groups who were receiving the American arm shipments were groups affiliated with al Qaeda and other Muslim terrorist groups such as Ansar al-Sharia. Ironically, this group was responsible for the deadly terrorist attack on the American annex and CIA compound in Benghazi that left four Americans dead and many others wounded.

This is why the State Department and now the White House have been so exhaustively uncooperative and less forthcoming in releasing any relative information in over three years regarding the investigation into the Benghazi terrorist attacks. The reason for the obfuscation on the part of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is they know they are complicit in the death of four Americans on the night of September 11, 2012. The truth is beginning to slowly leak out. Drip by drip. 52 days after the tragic events in Benghazi, Obama was successful in running out the clock thus saving his reelection chances in 2012. Unfortunately for Hillary, there is plenty of time left on the clock for the truth to be told before November 2016.