logan act

It’s hysterical to watch the Obama Liar Czar Media cry and bemoan the fact that 47 republican senators signed a letter that was posted on a senator’s website outlining the lack of constitutionality standing Obama’s executive order has when pertaining to a so-called, “deal” between the United States and Iran concerning Iran’s nuclear weapons. A deal via an executive action means squat! If a republican were to be elected president in 2016 that big and important, “deal” would be nullified instantly by a stroke of a pen. If our dear leader were really serious about making a deal with Iran, he would be working on a treaty with congress like any other normal president. With Obama, nothing is normal because he isn’t. A treaty would need to be ratified by two-thirds of the Senate. The senators posted the letter online to remind our dear leader that his executive action is unconstitutionally non-binding.

Watching the Liar Czar Media spin this as treasonous or a violation of the Logan Act is absurd and ridiculous. The Logan Act is a law that forbids citizens from conferring with foreign governments against the interests of the United States without the consent of the United States government. Ironically, It would be Obama that would be in violation of this law. He cannot make deals with an enemy like Iran that is a state sponsor of terrorism and deemed hostile to the United States without the consent of the Senate.

These same media clowns might want to investigate their own dear leader’s involvement with the election in Kenya by campaigning and illegally raising money for anti-American candidate Raila Odinga in 2006 that clearly violated the Logan Act. Odinga was not only corrupt, but had terrorist ties and wanted to end U.S. intentions of dismantling al Qaeda in Kenya. Odinga also wanted to pursue a charter of sharia law that would forbid the practice of Christianity. After his eventually loss many of his supporters would go out and massacre over 1,500 Christians.

Obama is bypassing the representatives of the American people in order to make unsavory and unbinding deals with a dangerous Islamic regime that has stated their ultimate desire to wipe not just Israel, but America off the face of the earth. He and Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy has been to destroy our allies in the Middle East and replace them with the same type of dangerous anti-American regimes that he is now illegally making deals with. If the Liar Czar Media wants to see who is the true violator of the Logan Act, go take a look at who is living in the White House! The press in the United States is so far up Barack Obama’s ass they fail to recognize that he supports anyone who wishes to do great damage to not only our dearest allies, but to our great country as well. The friends and allies of Barack Hussein Obama are not friends to the United States of America. Period!