hackThose in government who become embroiled in political controversy whether they deserve it or not, need to quickly shift the winds of dissent by replacing their dance partner; and in Washington D.C. it’s often referred to as the Potomac Two Step. That term refers to a dance that is a popular metaphor for the avoidance of responsibility. President Obama uses this metaphor whenever he gets into trouble and the latest problem for him is his lack of serious problem solving concerning the Ebola epidemic here in America. The epidemic he once promised’ “wouldn’t reach our shores!”

Since the epidemic has reached our shores the president is in a political conundrum because his first Ebola Czar is in big political trouble as she is being investigated for improperly awarding millions of dollars of taxpayer money to friends of Obama for political donations. The woman involved is Dr. Nicole Lurie and she has been working as the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at the National Institute of Health (NIH) since 2009. Lately, she has strangely been kept out of the public eye. So. what gives?


Nicole Lurie was hired six years ago after several bills were passed by congress thus creating new departments and agencies during the, “Bird Flu” scare in 2006. This was all created to protect the American people in case there was a flu pandemic such as Enterovirus or Ebola. One of the first jobs of Nicole Lurie’s agency was to find a company that produced a vaccine for Ebola.

With Nicole Lurie’s help she awarded a National Institute of Health grant of $400 million dollars to SIGA, a company partly owned by Revlon billionaire Ron Perelman, a top democrat donor. Another top democrat donor and former SEIU union leader, Andy Stern was also on the payroll of SIGA. Another company Chimerix was competing for the NIH grant. SIGA would eventually beat out any competitor only to file for bankruptcy without producing a successful Ebola vaccine. They continue to receive millions from the NIH. On the other hand, SIGA’s competitor Chimerix has produced a successful Ebola vaccine called Brincidofovir. It is being taken by the second Ebola patient Ashoka Mukpo, who has since tweeted he is, “on the road to recovery.”

The reason the public has not heard of the first, “Ebola Czar” is that she is shrouded in scandal that can harm our young and non-political president and his party. This is why a new, Ebola Czar named Ron Klain was picked today. He has a questionable past. He worked for Joe Biden and is a political hack who knows nothing about medicine; but he sure knows about wasting the people’s money. He was in charge of the failed Stimulus Plan in 2009 that cost taxpayers $800 million dollars that created very little, “shovel ready” jobs.

Mr. Klain was also a key backer of Solyndra. A solar panel company that filed for bankruptcy in 2012 after receiving $527 million tax payer dollars.

Ron Klain also was a lobbyist for Fannie Mae and helped them evade regulatory issues in 2004 that perpetuated the housing collapse in 2008.

Nicole Lurie and Ron Klain are only two examples of what is wrong with big government beaucracy and the taxpayer money that is wasted to fuel it. It’s all done for the creation of a permanent and ever growing federal bureaucracy that never ceases to grow. The only people benefiting from big government are the wealthy political friends who are connected to the inside the beltway politicians who work on legislation on Capital Hill. When the Potomac Two Step is used by those in Washington to avoid responsibility, ultimately the financial burden is left in the hands of everyday, hard working Americans. They don’t get to play the,”Potomac Two Step.” D.C. dance. That’s why in the long run, all American’s outside the beltway inevitably get screwed!