imageMuch has been said about Obama’s no show at the rally in Paris yesterday to denounce Islamic terrorism. Many world leaders attended the event which generated 4 million marchers who understand the dangers of Muslim extremists. To president Obama, he doesn’t seem all that concerned about Muslim extremists. The president told the New York Times in 2007 that the Muslim call to prayer, “was one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.” The president who strangely considers himself to be a Christian often shows disdain for the bible while at the same time gushes proudly over the virtues of the Koran.

In the paperback version of “Audacity of Hope” Obama wrote on page 261 that, “I will stand with Muslims should the politically winds shift in an ugly direction.” He would also write in that same book that, “I found solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s race.” Obama went on to say that he never wanted to ingratiate himself to “whites” and that he admired another person who hated white people. His name was Malcolm X.

It’s quite obvious that the president still feels that same animosity and resentment today as he did when he was a small child. Obama seems to foster a hatred for his late mother because she is, “White.” On the campaign trail Obama would describe his grandmother as a, “typical white person.” Can you imagine the uproar a white conservative would receive if he referred to a black person as a, “typical black person?”

Obama wasn’t in Paris yesterday because he can see that the political winds have now shifted in an ugly direction for his beloved brethren. The political winds have shifted not only in Europe but here in America as well. They shifted because people from all over this world have had enough of these radical Muslim terrorists whether they have allegiance to al Qaeda, ISIS or the Muslim Brotherhood. Strangely, our inept president and his merry band of idiots always seem reluctant to connect the dots when discussing the link between terrorism and Islam. The unifying message from Paris this weekend shows that the whole world is now beginning to connect the dots and are uniting in the fight against radical Islamic terrorists. Our dear leader could not have stood with our European allies in Paris on Sunday. That would have been hypocritical. The political winds have shifted and we know where Obama stands. Heck, even a typical white person can figure that out.