imageThree years before 50 American citizens were brutally murdered at a gay nightclub by a radical Muslim terrorist in Orlando, a highly respected imam from Iran named Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar spoke to an Orlando mosque called the Husseni Islamic Center to talk about the inherent virtue of killing homosexuals. He would publicly preach that doing so would be, “the compassionate thing to do.”

A mosque count from 2010 reveals a stunning 74 percent increase in Islamic centers since the 911 terrorists attacks in 2001. As for the Muslim terrorist who carried out the massacre in Orlando, the FBI had been keeping a file on the individual since 2013-14. An FBI file by the way much like that of the terrorists that successfully carried out the deadly attacks at; Fort Hood, TX, Boston, MA and San Bernardino, CA.

Sadly, the less time the Obama administration spends focusing on radical Muslim fundamentalism in American mosques only means more cities and towns will be added to that tragic terror list in the days that lie ahead. Today, American citizens continue to be brutally murdered at the hands of radical Muslim extremists. Our bloated and ineffective government must begin to understand where these people acquire their dangerous ideology. If you care to connect the dots in anyway shape or form, you will learn the evil doers are taught it right around the corner at their neighborhood mosque.