img_0504Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison is being considered for the job of DNC chairman. He is the same guy that apparently believes the September 11th Terrorist Attacks against America was a set up akin to the Reichstag fire in Nazi Germany. That 1933 event was done on purpose by the Nazi’s to facilitate control over the German people. Mr. Ellison also believes that “the Jews” profited from the 911 attacks that murdered close to 3,000 American citizens. What?

Is this the radical leftist the socialist democrats want to lead their small minority in congress? If so, look for that minority to get a whole lot smaller. Mr. Ellison is also a Muslim Brotherhood apologist. That’s the same Muslim Brotherhood that happens to be on the State Department list of terrorist organizations.

Mr. Ellison further proves how crazy and hateful the democrat party has become. In fact, replacing the head of the Democrat National Committee with a congressman who defends terrorist organizations and believes the 911 terrorist attacks was an inside job maybe a good thing. He may actually be the perfect candidate to lead the DNC into oblivion. We can only hope.