imageAt the republican presidential debate in Houston last night Donald Trump ridiculed the United States military for intervening in Libya. He said the military action created chaos in the region and caused the rise of ISIS. Many Americans at the time agreed and were strongly against the illegal intervention initiated by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. While the Donald was against the war in Libya last night, in 2011 he pleaded his case for military action in Libya saying it was necessary to save lives. What gives?

It’s another example of the flip-flopping Donald who seems to think he is the smartest person in the room on any given day. The only thing he seems to be smart at is changing his political positions on a daily basis to suit his ever changing positions. One day he is for something and the next day he isn’t. Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have any chore beliefs on anything. When he is caught flip-flopping all he does is make ad hominem attacks on the person who dares to bring it up. This schizophrenic behavior from a presidential candidate is fun to watch during a political debate, but in the real world it is disingenuous as well as dangerous.