Michael Avenatti

There is a sudden sadness in the fake news media world today.  It is because their anti-Trump hero was arrested on domestic violence charges yesterday in Los Angeles. He is Michael Avenatti. He is the man who boldly promised to end the presidency of Donald Trump. Unfortunately, all he did was end his own chances of doing anything after his arrest. After Mr. Avanatti’s arrest the fake news media won’t be needing him anymore. 

Yesterday, Mr. Avenatti officially killed his own credibility along with the credibility of the fake news media. You may remember Avenatti represented a porn star who claimed, without evidence, President Trump had a sexual relationship with her several years ago. He also used fake rape accusations from women to try and stop the nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Accordingly, the fake news media went along with that fiasco as far as it would go. They ultimately failed in that quest. The fake news media along with Avenatti had one mission. Whether by hook or crook they were going to destroy the president by any means necessary. Their desire to make president Trump out to be the next serial abuser of woman. Just like liberal icons such as Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Bill Clinton and Elliott Spitzer.

Mr. Avenatti, his clients and the leftist media profited greatly from their fake news stories about unverified sexual encounters and high school rape rooms. The ultimate goal was to  destroy the president of the United States and his Supreme Court pick. . The fake news media spent thousands of hours of programming in order to hood wink the masses into thinking their president not only didn’t care about women, but used and abused them. Their efforts failed miserably. It turns out it was Mr. Avanatti who abusing women. Not the president. How ironic is to see Mr. Avenatti arrested for abusing a woman?

The man the fake news media put their hopes and dreams on destroying the Trump presidency has unfortunately destroyed his own credibility with his domestic violence arrest on Wednesday. The fake news media’s champion of women isn’t really a champion of women after all. In reality, he is just a creepy porn lawyer who beats women up. Interesting enough, we stopped hearing about his porn star client months ago. This is because Mr. Avenatti and his fake news media friends didn’t need her story anymore. She ran out of usefulness. Hopefully we won’t be seeing or hearing from Mr. Avenatti anytime in the near future. That’s because his usefulness is now over. After the arrest of Mr. Avenatti, the fake news media won’t be  needing him anymore.