imageGet out the tea cups! A Tea Party has broken out all across Great Britain. The British people have finally voted for their own freedom. Happy days are there again. Last night the British people voted to free themselves from the big government monstrosity of the European Union. After four decades of taking orders from unelected, foreign Eurocrats in Belgium on important issues pertaining to immigration and border control, the Brits have finally had enough and voted for their own sovereignty.

The important issues that are on the minds of voters across the pond are the same ones on the minds of most Americans. They include dissatisfaction with an expensive, ineffective big government apparatus that has proven to be a colossal failure. Government inability to defend and protect their own borders. The EU had established guidelines that prohibited Britain from enforcing their own border security. This became a problem for Great Britain when millions of Muslim migrants were allowed to flood the border creating a humanitarian crisis that would prove to be both costly and deadly.

With Britain leaving the European Union, look for the other countries such as France, Italy and the Netherlands to disavow their membership in the days and weeks to come. Scotland will be voting next week on a referendum to stay or go. All of this proves once again the idea of collectivism is a hopeless failure. Collectivism stifles people’s individuality and a nation’s nationality. This morning, Great Britain has finally woken up from their collectivist nightmare and taken off the shackles placed on them by the European Union. A gigantic Tea Party has broken out all across Great Britain. For them, June 23rd will forever be remembered as Independence Day. Smashing!