Today our misguided president basked proudly before the top military cadets at West Point to proclaim that America will not be protected by them, but by collectivist nations who belong to NATO.  Obama said NATO, “is the strongest alliance the world has ever known. “He also went on to imply that the US must surrender its sovereignty and obey international law when engaging in multilateral actions.

Obama likes to use these multilateral actions because if anything goes awry and the military operation fails to achieve its mission, he can blame the failure on NATO and not take the blame himself. Should the mission succeed, Obama can then take all the credit for its success. Another reason why Obama loves the idea of multilateral actions is he doesn’t need to get congressional approval. He can simply bypass congress and the people they represent. He can do what he pleases. In the end, what all these multinational actions ultimately create is more damage, death and destruction. The only country where a multinational action (NATO) had been used by Obama was in Libya in 2011. He did this with the help of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The multinational coalition used to fight the war in Libya was a foreign policy disaster that continues to unfold even to this day. The NATO action that took place ultimately created an al Qaeda stronghold in Libya that today threatens the country as well as the neighboring countries. Thanks to the multinational coalition the black flag of al Qaeda can now be seen flying over Libya.

The NATO military operations approved by Obama and Hillary Clinton would eventually help facilitate the terrorist attack on our mission in Benghazi that murdered three Americans and its Ambassador.  America is still unable to find the truth as to what really happened to those brave men on the night of September 11, 2012. The only thing standing in the way of finding the truth about that tragedy is the stonewalling being done by the Obama administration.

The president visited West Point today to lay out his foreign policy agenda in front of graduating West Point cadets who have more war knowledge in their little pinkies than Obama has in his socialist head. What does the great Obama present to us? He gives us the same failed foreign policy agenda that we know from past experience will weaken America and her allies, embolden al Qaeda worldwide and eventually lead to more dead Americans. Who knew Obama and al Qaeda shared the same foreign policy agenda?