halfricanKing Obama has ordered the three amigos who supposedly run the failed narco states of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to the White House to discuss a “taxpayer cash for refugee” scheme that would allow the United States to illegally kidnap citizens from their countries using American passenger jets in exchange for millions of American taxpayer dollars. Why is Obama allowed to do this?

It just so happens that on June 15, 2012 our Halfrican American president signed an executive order that by-passed congress and allowed custom officials “discretion” towards some individuals who immigrated to the United States as children and are currently in the country illegally.  A decree made by Obama, who has no authority to make law without congressional approval, is the driving force behind the influx of illegals coming across the border.

Back in November of 2013 Obama was heckled by an illegal immigrant from South Korea named Ju Hong. His attendance was approved by the White House in advance for the staged San Francisco event. Hong urged Obama to use an executive action on immigration to which the president responded,”I don’t have the power to do that.”

So it seems the immigration law like the healthcare law or any other law for that matter is up for grabs here in America today. It’s no wonder Americans are becoming frustrated and displeased with their president. Recent polling suggests that half of Americans believe Obama has amassed too much power and 33% of Americans support impeaching him.That is a higher plurality than Clinton had in 1998 when he was impeached.

America is now becoming a lawlessness state much like the narco states these illegal aliens are supposedly fleeing from. Keep in mind that the meeting at the White House today is with an American president that has a job approval of 39%. He is meeting with other failed geniuses who run countries that are in the top seven murder capitals on the planet. Obama can feel comfortable with these losers because he is one of them.

We can thank our Halfrican American president and his three amigo clown masters for selling out America’s sovereignty for their,”cash for refugees” scheme. The three amigos get millions of dollars of taxpayer money and America gets millions of their unwanted poor ignorant victims that will ultimately need taxpayer assistance for the rest of their lives. No wonder the socialist/democrats in congress love the deal. They get new democrat victims to vote for them at the expense of people who don’t. It’s a win-win no brainer for Obama. If it’s good for Obama, it’s bad for America.