imageUnlike Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, most Americans believe we are at war with “radical Islamic terrorism.” According to a new poll 92 percent of Americans now regard, “radical Islamic terrorism” as a serious threat to the United States of America. 73 percent conclude that it is a, “very serious threat.” 60 percent of Americans polled now believe we are at war with “radical Islamic terrorism.” In a bizarre display yesterday, Hillary Clinton lectured to Americans something that is quite different than what most Americans now believe.

The American people understand we are at war with radical Islamic terrorism because they have seen people die in New York, Washington, D.C.. Shanksville, PA, Boston, Paris and Mali. The people are far more aware of the problem that faces our country than Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton. Obama and Hillary Clinton can never utter the words, “radical Islamic terrorism.” They don’t live in the real world. Their’s consists of a politically correct world where make believe smart power niceties supersedes proven common sense awareness. They live in a fantasy land where they think that if they just forget and not mention the true enemies of the United States those enemies will disappear with a little bit of pink ferry dust. The two always seem to be in an utter state of denial when discussing a subject that most Americans know to be so vitally important to the country’s national security.

When you are at war and you have ignorant politicians who not only can’t, but won’t identify who the enemy is your country is in deep danger. For seven long years we have had an unhinged president who has consistently lectured at us about the glorious virtues of a barely existent minority in this country (Islam (0.9%). At the same time he constantly attackis with impunity the faith of the majority (78% Christian) of Americans who live in this country. Perhaps this is why he can’t come to grips with the reality that his favorite religion of peace isn’t all that peaceful after all. For an American president  that constantly lectures and defends the virtues of Islam, it has to be utterly embarrassing for him to know that, “radical Islamic terrorism” is officially a major threat to a majority of Americans.

For Hillary Clinton, it is both understandable and troubling that she doesn’t condem radical Islam when you take in consideration that her family’s foundation receives millions of dollars in donations from several Islamic countries.  Sunni dominated countries that are friendly to ISIS and al Qaeda such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Brunei, OmanUnited Arab Emirates have donated over $65,000,000.00 to her family’s foundation. Hillary even holds fundraisers at law firms that represents terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. Her family’s foundation excepts money from the mullah’s of Iran.  It has always been very troubling that Obama and Hillary Clinton always seem to be very comfortable when they raise their voice and lecture at the good people of this country while giving radical Islamic terrorism a total pass. They never seem to care about the traditions and values that a majority of people in this country believe in. America needs a president who will take the war on terror seriously rather than someone who gives false promises to further enrich their presidential campaign and family foundation with money donated from middle eastern countries. Recent polling suggests Americans aare starting to  wake up to the fact that the politicians they voted for are not serious about waging a real war against “radical Islamic terrorism,” When are the politicians going to finally wake up to that reality?