Obama Approved It?


Remember back in 2014 when a Texas plumber saw his old pickup truck on CNN? What was most astonishing about what he saw was his old pickup truck was being used by Middle Eastern terrorists fighting on a Syrian battlefield. The man’s name was Mark Oberholtzer. Mark traded in his pickup truck for a newer model in 2013. When the story first aired the big question being asked was, “how did an American pickup truck wind up on a terrorist battlefield in the Middle East?” We finally know the answer to that question. Obama approved it.

Findings from a new congressional investigation has found the Obama administration was complicit in a secret deal drug deal involving Iran’s terrorist group Hezbollah. The deal involved a money laundering scheme using cars bought in the United States and later sold to North Africa. The cars were stuffed with massive amounts of cocaine and money.. The cars were then shipped to Hezbollah with the proceeds going to their headquarters in Lebanon. All of the details of the shipments were found on the computers of IT staffers who worked for 30 democrats in congress. The two IT staffer are known as the Awan brothers who hail from Pakistan. The two brothers started a fictitious car dealership with $100,000 given to them from a Pakistan intelligence officer. They sold used and crashed cars stuffed with millions of dollars and labeled the sales as new.

All of this skullduggery began in 2005 through 2016. Many of the players involved in the web of deceit were, President Obama, DOJ’s Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, CIA’s Leon Panetta, David Petraeus, John Brennen, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. It is not known if any of the 30 democrats who used the IT services of the Awan brothers knew anything about what was going on. One thing is for certain. The Awan brothers knew all the their secret passwords used in storing top secret information from the State Department and on down. The person who hired the two brothers was former Florida congresswoman and former DNC spokesperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The Obama administration knew about the money laundering scheme run by the Awan brothers and Iran’s Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah. They did nothing to stop it. The scheme was under intense scrutiny by the FBI and DEA between 2008-2016. During this time, a major source of Hezbollah’s operations were funded by American money, as well as drug dealing within the USA.

Many people believe the real reason this investigation never reached the light of day until now is president Obama didn’t want to damage his forthcoming nuclear agreement with Iran. Obama’s dangrenous nuclear deal with Iran ultimately prevailed.  President Obama allowed for the money laundering scheme to continue in order to appease the Islamic republic of Iran.  While doing so, ptesident Obama and his administration managed to destroy thousands innocent lives who died at the hands of muslim extremists. They died with weapons bought and paid for from a well known money laundering scheme started here in the United States of America. We now know the answer to why a Texas plumber’s old pickup truck found its way onto a Syrian battlefield. Obama approved it.

The Same Cast Of Scumbags?


Isn’t it interesting the same cast of scumbags who let Hillary Clinton skate without penalty of law for illegally conspiring with the Russians are going after president Trump for allegedly doing the same thing?

From 2009 to 2014 illegal activity occurred in the Obama administration involving money laundering, bribery and illegal kickbacks. The people who knew all about this illegal activity were Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein. A Russian company named Uranium One illegally sent millions to the Clinton Foundation. In return, the company would receive government authorization and approval to acquire one fifth of all uranium reserves in the United States.

We know about this because an FBI informant has come forward with proof of the scam with documents and wiretaps. The total amount of Russian money that was funneled through the Clinton Foundation from Russia was $145,000,000. This illegal activity happened while Hillary Clinton was working as Secretary of State for Barack Obama.

The same fake news media outlets that have been relentlessly attacking president Trump, without any evidence, for Russian collusion are spiking news stories concerning the biggest scandal in American history involving Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, former Obama AG Eric Holder, former head of the FBI James Comey, FBI chief Robert Mueller and current Deputy AG Rod Rosenstien. All the above had full knowledge of the money laundering, kickbacks and bribery going on. Yet, they allowed the uranium deal to be completed.

It is a bit ironic to learn the same cast of scumbags who are currently investigating president Trump for his alleged involvement with Russian collusion, let Bill and Hillary Clinton off the hook for their own illegal Russian collusion scheme that netted them tens of millions of dollars.

Always A Community Organizer?

Obama and Watson on March 15th

Once a community organizer, always a community organizer. This idea definitely applies to our last president. Before becoming a politician, Barack Obama was a community organizer on the south side of Chicago. Now that he no longer occupies the White House, one doesn’t have to wonder what exactly the ex-president is doing these days.

Ironically, just a day before president Donald Trump signed his latest executive action that temporary bans refugees from entering America from eight dangerous nations, Barack Obama dined with the judge who would eventually block the order on the following day.

That’s right! On March 15th Barack Obama was in Hawaii visiting friends in his old stomping grounds. One of the people he dined with was Judge Derrick K. Watson. Judge Watson happens to be the judge who rescinded president Trump’s latest temporary travel ban order. Who would have known that a college friend of Barack Obama would be called on to further derail the latest actions of our current president?

It should not come as a shock to anyone to learn that old holdovers from the Obama administration such as Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama continue to happily rabble rouse and wreck havoc upon the new administration. It’s easy to understand the ultra-left mentality when you look where they all came from. Once a community organizer, always a community organizer.

Judged By The People You Keep?

Remember the old saying, “you should be judged by the people you keep?” It is a common phrase referring to the idea that you can judge a person’s moral code by the people they wish to associate with. There was evidence of this when Barack Hussein Obama hand picked Loretta Lynch to be his Attorney General in 2015. After all, Obama wanted someone who held the same ideals and beliefs as he and Eric Holder.

Now that she no longer holds the distinction of  being the place holder of the top law enforcement job in Washington, D.C., she doesn’t need to hold back what she really believes in. Instead of working within the constitutional framework of law and order, she is now advocating for something more sinister. Speaking on behalf of the democrat party, she is now calling for a violence revolution within our country to help her communist party regain control in Washington, D.C.. She even suggests “more people need to band together to march and die!” What a freaking drama queen!

Thank you “sweet Loretta” and Barack Hussein Obama for finally letting America understand what you truly believe in. Because, we hardly knew you when you came to Washington, D.C. You, and your corrupt party are nothing more than a bunch of rabble rousing, community organizers who hide under conservative clothing.

Now that you are out of power, you can finally let your hair down and openly expose all your totalitarian desires for everyone to see. Your democrat party is nothing but a leftist plank for the Black Lives Matter terrorist group. It is a violent, social justice group that is hell bent on spreading death and destruction in order to remake America into a totalitarian, socialist utopia. There is no difference between the dangerous, 1960’s radicalism of Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, the democrat party and the Black Lives Matter crowd. Proving once again that you can be judged by the people you keep.

Turning the Tables on the Community Organizer


Attorney General Eric Holder, who is the only sitting cabinet member ever to be held in contempt of  congress,  complained to ABC News correspondent Pierre Thomas that “racial animus” is behind the 6 year struggle he and president Obama are having in trying to unconstitutionally transform America.

I find it interesting that these so-called constitutional attorneys are behaving more like 6th grade cry babies who didn’t get what they wished for on Christmas morning. These clowns and their Marxist wannabes in the democrat party always harken back to their “good old days” of the violent 1960’s where protests formed and calls for equal justice for all permeated throughout the land. Most good natured people back then supported the idea of equal rights. Zoom forward  50 years to today and you will find that these same radicals still can’t get over their totalitarian mindset.

Today, these same far-left radicals old clarion call for, “equal rights” has been thrown out the window for an even more diabolical term called, “social justice.” Social justice does not equate to equal rights.  It is a political system based on payback for perceived inequalities or unjust circumstances that may have befallen on any group or individual from our nation’s perceived evil and belligerent past. Social justice is a type of political justice that can only be carried out by an all powerful federal government, which is then granted by law, the ultimate power and authority to grab control over every aspect of American life.  It is simply the idea of empowering the state to have total authority over the society and seeks to control all aspects of  public and private life as much as possible.  When the people began to realize that this bullshit was starting in 2009,  the great push back began and it has been growing ever since.

People who protested the policies of the Obama administration were quickly labeled racists and bigots by the administration and their liar czar friends in the press.  This is what the commie left does. Chicago’s famed community organizer Saul Alinksy taught Obama and his lefty radicals, “Rule #12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

The media would quickly comply with this Alynsky rule and the apparatchik news organizations of the left received their talking points from the White House. The Tea Party was the chosen target, they froze it, they personalized it as an attack on them and polarized the Tea Party as a racist organization.. Why? Because it was and still is a successful political movement that promotes small government which leads to less wasteful spending. It is a grassroots organization with groups all across the nation. There are no national figure heads for the movement. Just everyday Americans who love individual freedom and liberty. They believe rightfully so that big authoritarian government is a threat to their well being.  The Tea Party essentially put a stop  to the Obama agenda in 2010.

The liar czar media was so successful in demonizing the Tea Party with lies and falsehoods that the average American could not identify or recite any examples of Tea Party racism. All they knew was that somehow the Tea Party is racist.

Recently, the Tea Party movement has mobilized over the issue of illegal immigration. This crisis was created intentionally by Obama to pressure the republicans into voting for amnesty. The illegal stunt backfired on Obama and public opinion of the president has plunged dramatically  since the controversy began. The average American is appalled by what’s going on and wants it stopped now.

So is opposition to Obama and Eric Holder caused by racial animus? No it isn’t. As communist dictator Vladimir Lenin once said, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”  When the lie is repeated over and over by leftists and their collectivist commie friends in the press, over time the lie slowly takes over as reality. When community organizers such as Barack Obama study Alinsky all he learns is how to agitate and create chaos in a society so as to change and transform that society from within.  This  transformation process cannot proceed properly when the majority of the population is content with their lives. It can only take place when the majority of the population live in discontentment.

When the majority of Americans started to understand what the true meaning of hope and change meant for them, they did not comply and began to reject the president. The people openly and honestly protested in large numbers in communities all across America.  Somebody needs to inform Eric Holder that the problem here isn’t “racial animus.” The problem here is that the tables have been turned on the community organizer in the White House. Obama and Holder don’t seem to understand that they have been, “out-Alinsky-ed” by not just the Tea Party, but by the millions of  proud Americans who happen to love and support the ideals of a movement that fights everyday to protect and preserve the constitution from an out of control government.