Damaged Political Aspirations?

img_0498Who would have ever thought that like her husband, Hillary Clinton presidential aspirations would be greatly damaged by a sex scandal. For Bill Clinton, it was his sexual escapades with Monica Lewinsky back in 1996 that ultimately dogged his administration until he was finally impeached by the House of Representatives. Now, nearly 20 years since that sex scandal, another one may ultimately stop his wife from becoming the 45th president of the United States.

Today, in what can only be described as a gigantic bombshell of epic proportions, the FBI reopened the investigation into the 2016 democrat nominee’s private email server investigation. Hillary Clinton’s secret email server was investigated by the FBI for several months and in May 2016 they issued a report clearing her of any wrongdoing. On July 6, Attorney General Loretta Lynch of the Justice Department also cleared Mrs. Clinton of any wrongdoing.

Today’s announcement by the FBI changes all that. With just eleven days before the 2016 presidential election, it is being reported there are new revelations that have surfaced concerning the email investigation into Hillary Clinton. The revelations have to do with new information pertaining to the sexting scandal of Anthony Weiner, aka “Carlos Danger.” He happens to be the husband of Hillary Clinton’s closest adviser, Huma Abedin.

If there is any classified information found on any mobile device belonging to Huma Abedin or her husband, that is a federal crime. Ironically, a sex scandal may not only have underminded the political aspirations of Bill Clinton back in 1996, it may also damage the political aspirations of his wife some 19 years later. It just goes to show you that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Are The Laws Applied To Everyone Equally?

imageThe American political system has become dangerously compromised this week. If you think the laws are applied to everyone equally, you are dead wrong. What we have seen with the Clinton’s over the past thirty years proves it. The law doesn’t apply to them. We are reminded of that this week when we learned Bill Clinton quietly hoped on board a tax payer funded airplane to have an impromptu meeting with the current Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Keep in mind that Hillary and Bill Clinton along with their foundation are being investigated for possible wrong doing. It would be seen as very inappropriate for him to have any contact with the person leading the investigation. But, then again Bill Clinton has been caught many times engaging in inappropriate behavior with woman. Nothing new here.

The Attorney General along with the FBI are investigating the Clinton’s for possible illegal improprieties concerning the Clinton Foundation and the influential role it may have had during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State during the first term of Barack Hussein Obama. It has become a popular assumption that Hillary, who is being investigated by the Obama Administration for violating federal laws pertaining to national security and record keeping may indeed be found guilty of breaking the law. If true, that would throw the whole democrat balance of power off quilter for the foreseeable future.

Why would Bill Clinton go out of his way to quietly meet the current Attorney General on a tarmac in Arizona? The meeting was supposed to be off the books and secret service personnel ordered people that picture taking during the meeting would not to be allowed. Why the secrecy? The whole matter reeks of political desperation by the Clinton”s. One thing is for certain. Wherever these two go, scandal is certain to follow. When you can get away with scandal after scandal and you are never lawfully implicated, this behavior continues to persist year after year. Scandals are inevitable with the make-up of the corrupt Clinton family. Will the conclusion of this scandal be any different?

At War With The American People?

imageAfter every terrorist attack on American soil the first response by the Obama administration has been to blame those attacks on anything other than Islam. They always conveniently blame the attack on perceived hate that is supposedly projected by white people with Islamophobia, Christians, republicans or the Tea Party. When the blame doesn’t stick to individuals they despise, it then is placed on inane objects such as videos and firearms.. Fanatical left-wing ideologues always use this twisted type of political warfare on its political opponents because the socialist left hates them more than they hate radical Islamic extremists. In fact, they don’t hate radical Islamic extremists at all. They love them. Just ask them?


Radical Islamic extremism always gets a pass by this administration whether it is by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or anyone else. Whenever scores of Americans are brutally murdered by such terror attacks we are told by this administration to suspend reality and common sense and dismiss the facts that we know are in front of us. We identify the problem as radical Islamic terrorism because the people who carry out the acts always tell us so. They die in the name of Allah.

Americans are not the only ones getting frustrated with the Obama administration continued insistence on downplaying the danger of radical Islamic terrorism. The frustration has even gotten to al Qaeda. It’s so bad they have instructed their lone wolf jihadi’s to plan new attacks on “white people” so the administration and their Liar Czar Media can’t blame the attack on anything else but them. The terrorists are befuddled by the fact that they are being denied the credit for the terrorist acts they have committed.

Leave it to the fanatical left to continue to deploy the philosophy of communist activist Saul Alinsky. His advice was to  never let a good crisis go to waste. That’s why when a terrorist attack occurres its never the fault of Islam, al Qaeda or radical Islamic extremists. It can’t be. That’s because the radical leftists ultimate target is to nullify the bill of rights and our constitution.

This was on full display last week in the House of Representatives when radical leftists tried to use the Orlando terror attack as a way to obliterate the dual process laws and second amendment rights of every single American. They would  suspend reality in perpetuity so as to try and pass their constitutional hating agenda no matter how many Americans die at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists. The American left isn’t at war with radical Islamic terrorists. They are at war with the American people. Even the terrorists have finally figured this out.

Putting Out The Fire?

Since March 12, 2015,  the Obama White House had continued to describe the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal as one that wasn’t criminal in nature. They described it as a tedious personal matter that didn’t involve the executive branch of the federal government.  In one press conference White House spokesperson Josh Earnest used the term, “personal” 21 times to distance the White House from any involvement between them and the former Secretary of State wrongdoings

Oddly, just two days after Hillary Clinton locked up the democrat nomination for president the White House spokesperson suddenly changed his tune and admitted the FBI probe into Hillary Clinton was in fact, “criminal.”

Hours after this press conference, the president had a scheduled meeting with his Attorney General Loretta Lynch at 3:30pm. She and the president are the only people that can stand in the way of a FBI criminal complaint against Hillary Clinton. Why would the White House describe the FBI probe into Hillary Clinton as a personal matter back  in 2015 and now refer to it as criminal matter today? It may suggest the heat may be getting a little hotter in the White House for them to bear. In order for them to turn down the heat, they need to put out the fire. The person who provides that fire is Hillary Clinton.

Prosecuting Climate Change Deniers?

Basic CMYKFreedom in America continues to be under direct assault by the far-left zealots in the Obama regime and their socialist friends on Capital Hill.

During a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on climate change, Attorney General Loretta Lynch was asked by freedom hating, nut job senator Sheldon Whitehouse, “are there other circumstances in which a civil matter under the authority of the justice Department has been referred to the FBI?” In other words, are you pursuing civil action against anyone who happens to be climate change deniers?


Notice in her response she thanks Sheldon “chief honcho” Whitehouse for his work on this green energy movement scam.. It proves how genuinely insane and dangerous these people really are in that they would even take into consideration the prosecution of anyone who disagrees with their totalitarian way of life.

Pretty damn scary! That’s what happens when you blend career bureaucratic socialists with brain dead Obama administration wing-nuts! This totalitarianism is exactly what democrats voted for in Michigan on Tuesday.