He was supposed to come home as an American hero to partake in a made for television 4th of July parade in his small town surrounded by family members and well wishers.  It was spun by the Obama White House that Bergdahl’s release from the Haqqani terrorist group would create a ground swell of patriotic support through out America and squash any criticism from any Obama denier who doubted his ultimate love and devotion for not only America, but for the service members who serve. After Mr. Bergdahl’s release, the White House was surprisingly stunned and caught off guard by the American people’s initial reaction.


Members in congress felt slighted and dismayed that the president did not consult with them before the prisoner swap was made. After all, they were promised they would be by this administration.

The  swap for Mr. Bergdahl included the 5 most dangerous Taliban commanders held at Guantanamo Bay. All for a soldier who renounced his citizenship and abandoned his platoon and in so doing would endanger those same troops who would later go searching for him. Some of them would pay the ultimate sacrifice in their search for Mr. Bergdahl. Those who didn’t would never forget nor forgive Mr. Bergdahl for the rest of their lives.

An Afghan intelligence service issued a report that concluded the five Taliban military officers would most likely return to the fight in Afghanistan   and the likelihood of more Americans being kidnapped would increase.

As president Obama hands the Taliban a “Great Victory” as Taliban leader Mullah Omar would say, Obama is considering to hand over more victories to the Taliban in the days ahead.  A new study says that under Obama’s watch, the number of terrorists threatening the U.S. has doubled as terrorist groups have increased by more than half.

What was done to America by Obama on a sleepy Saturday afternoon, the week prior to D-Day, was that he aided and abetted a dangerous enemy we are still at war with. What Obama did was twofold. He endangered America and its citizens and strengthened and emboldened the enemy. The same enemy that happened to attack America on 9/11/01. Obama did what no other president has done in the history of the republic. It’s called treason. He switched sides.