Back in 2009, Barack Obama had a chance to lessen the grip of tyranny for millions of Iranians who were marching through the streets of Iran demanding freedom. It was called the Green Movement and our president paid no attention to it.

Today, some six years later our naive and childish president is making a horrendously bad nuclear arms agreement with that same hardline Islamic dictatorship of Iran. Obama foolishly believes he can bamboozle the American people into thinking that his agreement will be helpful and prosperous to the Iranian people. He ignorantly ignores the plain simple fact that when making an agreement with a dictatorship, it is the dictatorship that is rewarded instead of the people. Obama isn’t helping to lessen the grip of tyranny on the people of Iran. He is dangerously strengthening it.

How is making a deal with a brutal dictatorship going to lessen the grip of a repressive government that keeps its people under the thumb of tyranny?

Furthermore, why is that if anyone who dares to tell the inconvenient truth about this naive and pathetic agreement that person is mocked and made fun of by a dangerous and dishonest president? A president, by the way, who defiantly declares that if anyone who is not on board with his silly agreement automatically gets compared to the crazy Iranian mullah’s who continue to insanely chant, “Death to America!”

History will note that the president of the United States from 2009 to 2016 was the most divisive and partisan politician this country has ever known. Never before has our country witnessed a president who regularly uses reckless and dangerous rhetoric to impose unfavorable policies that continues to divide and harm the people of this country by using race, gender and income status. What we have witnessed over the last seven years is a pure demigod. His name is Barack Hussein Obama. We should not only be fearful of Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon, we should be more fearful of Obama for making it happen.