Secretary of State John Kerry inadvertently admitted that radical Islamic terrorists have hit the “jihadi jackpot!” with Barack Obama’s non-binding Iranian nuclear deal. Even though the deal was never actually signed, Iran will still receive billions of dollars to spend on anything they wish. According to John Kerry, “some of that money will go to terrorism!” What party fought tooth and nail for this? It wasn’t the republicans.

To John Kerry, Barack Obama and the American left a little bit of terrorism is completely exceptable after forking over billions of dollars to an Islamic regime that routinely chants, “death to America!”

Doesn’t it make you feel safer now knowing that American taxpayers are now paying the number one state sponsor of terrorism to sponsor more terrorism. The whole idea makes sense in the age of Obama.

First, Obama continues to make fabulous deals for hundreds of  dangerous terrorists to leave Guantanamo Bay so they can pursue their desire to return to the battlefield. For Obama, releasing every terrorist is a good thing for him. He then can close Gitmo. Thus, according to he and his kook base, end the idea of terrorism altogether.

Secondly, Obama’s isn’t targeting the bad guys. His military plan is not to bomb the terrorist training camps or their fuel supply trucks for the fear that some innocent bystander may be accidentally killed. Tell that to the families of Kayla Mueller, Steven Sotloff, Peter Kassig, James Foley and the families who lost loved ones in San Bernardino, CA. They were all innocent Americans buthered by radical Islamic terrorists.

Third, in order to make the terrorists like us and not kill us Obama desperately wants to round up and collect as many male Muslim refugees as he can so he can steal them from their own Islamic countries and send them over to America because that’s, “who we are!” Sending populations from war torn nations to America will only balkanize the country into groups that will only further divide the country between the rule of law and sharia law. It is an interesting plan devised by Obama. His do nothing response to Syria is the reason there are Syrian refugees in the first place.

According to John Kerry and Barack Obama, what’s wrong with a little bit of terrorism here or there. ISIS is only the JV team and shouldn’t be taken seriously anyway. To Kerry and Obama, terrorism is a fact of life now and we should just shut up and live with it. Dangerous policies from the Obama administration are the new norm. Get use to it!