imageDonald Trump’s major campaign theme was his constant insistence to build a wall and send back the eleven million illegal aliens who have infiltrated our country illegally. Another major attraction for most folks was that he wasn’t a typical politician who said one thing and then did another. He was a guy who spoke the truth and didn’t change his stances. Trump was a breath of fresh air because he didn’t believe in political correctness. He was bold, brash and channeled the same anger that middle America felt. He was going to be an outsider that was going to send all those illegal aliens back to the country they came from. Leaving America citizens safer, freer and happier.

All that appeared to be true until Trump appeared on the Fox News Channel last night. On the Sean Hannity show Donald Trump totally walked back his initial proposal to send back eleven million illegal aliens to their country of origin. Trump publicly softenend his position by saying he was going to let the, “good people stay” which mirrors Hillary Clinton’s position. Both candidates for president now believe people who have broken the law are good people that need to stay.

After hearing about Trump’s softening stance on immigration, hard core Trump supporter Ann Coulter was outwardly crushed and had to admit her brand new book tour promoting the book titled, “In Trump We Trust” could be short lived. Ann’s sole existence this past year was extolling the wonderful virtues of Donald Trump and his tough stance on immigration.

What Trump is doing is destroying the Republican Party’s future ability to fight the democrats. By co-opting the republican platform with that of the democrats on important issues such as stimulus spending, immigration and trade, he is making it virtually impossible for the Republican Party to fight against the agenda of the democrat party. It doesn’t matter who wins in November. Should Hillary Clinton win, republicans would have no alternative but to cave on her core issues because they are the exact same as Donald Trump’s.