highest bidToday, 77 percent of the American people believe illegal immigration is a serious problem in our country. Furthermore, 63 percent of Americans believe controlling the border is more important than legalizing illegals already here. 58 percent of Americans believe that giving a pathway to citizens to people who have broken the law only encourages more lawlessness. Poll after poll indicates immigration issues are not a high priority to most Americans. With all of this polling information available why does Hillary Clinton come out this past week to push for a pathway to citizenship for people who are here illegally?

Looking back at Hillary Clinton’s view on immigration back in 2003 you will see she was dead against any type of pandering to illegal immigrants. Back then she sympathized with the view most Americans had regarding the issue.

Now why would Hillary Clinton flip-flop on an issue such as illegal immigration and go against the wishes of a majority of Americans? Big corporate money is your answer. Eight companies that have given money to the Clinton Foundation happen to be on board with her new stance on immigration. These companies plan to benefit from her position to acquire cheap, low skill workers that her plan will ultimately provide. Interestingly enough these eight companies and entities that have given over 37 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation are the same companies that support Hillary Clinton’s stance on a, “Pathway to Citizenship.” The companies include Microsoft, Yahoo, Coca Cola, Bloomberg, U.S. Chamber of Congress, Motorola, Marriott and Caterpillar. It seems that Mrs. Clinton is all to willing to ignore the priority and wishes of the American people and flip-flop her political positions to companies that have bought access from her and her husband’s dubious charity. If Mrs Clinton is willing to sell out the American people on immigration reform, what other public policy stance in America is she willing to sell out to the highest bidder?