chippy0514Monday night the three evening newscasts were devoted once again in trying to scare the hell out of Americans regarding another big lie, Climate Change. You see, it turns out it’s the viewers fault for causing this so-called war on the planet.

In the latest fear mongering propaganda reports from ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN we were told it was up to the whole world to unite and find and answer to this dangerous and inevitable disaster. What was their answer? The United Nations.

With the UN involved you can be rest assured that we will be losing our sovereignty as a nation and our individual rights as US citizens all for the sake of a socialist-commie goal of a more redistributive collectivist planet. Its a dog whistle to the communists worldwide that we intend to deindustrialize and weaken the economy so as to remake the United States into a third world country that is far less threatening to the rest of the world.

NBC rammed home the socialist propaganda piece dictating the perilous time we face. Keep in mind that NBC wants to be owned by a multinational conglomerate named Comcast. Comcast has holdings all around the world and is the fifth largest lobbyist firm in the country spending 19.8 million dollars in 2013. They employed several ex-congressman on their lobbying team and were a major donor and backer of Barack Hussain Obama.

Comcast hopes to get final approval of their merger with Time Warner from the Obama justice department. Should the deal get approved Comcast would become one of the most powerful telecommunications conglomerates in the world. So it is in their corporate interest to partake and partner in big government propaganda. The NBC report begins at the 13:58 mark.

CBS news chimed in to scare uninformed viewers that the ice was melting so precipitously in Antarctica we were in grave danger here in America. CBS is another global entertainment company that would also love to increase its market share worldwide and would do so in a world regulated by the UN. These media conglomerates become friendly to the UN just by advocating and reporting policy beneficIal to the growth and power of the UN.

CNN benefits the same way by holding the hands of Barack Obama, the socialist democrats and the UN while trumpeting the false narrative of climate change. CNN is owned by Time Warner. They hope to merge with Comcast. They started waving the pom poms for our lying president’s report on Saturday, May 10.

The real reason we are being sold this crap is because the leftist media companies who own the big three liar czar television networks are really mammoth multinational conglomerates with large assets around the world. These companies would benefit greatly from legislation that would require world regulations on societies’. As big government grows so does the corporate cronies who pay to be associated with it.

Every big propaganda lie perpetuated by the commie socialist liberals is sold as an emotional issue and if you dare to disagree with it you are a homophobe, islamophobe, racist bigot who hates women and children. Why women and children you ask? Because they are the most emotional and irrational voting block that democrats use to gain political power.

They use the likes of young, sexually starved women such as the Sandra Fluke and feminized boys like Pajama Boy as their national poster people. These people are the base of the far left.  They are the ones who have been the most indoctrinated since youth. This is why the newscasts use fear and lies. Because it helps grow and mobilize their idiot base.

The example of scaremongering last week was the false narrative of the, “Sequester.” This week it is, “Climate Change.” I wonder what the White House itinerary is for next week? You can bet it will have something to do with remaking the United Sates of America.