imageWhat should be one of the most embarrassing snafus in the history of presidential politics occurred yesterday when a known terrorist’s father was allowed to attend and stand behind Hillary Clinton at a Orlando campaign event.

Seddique Mateen, the troublesome father of the Orlando shooter who murdered 49 people and injured 53 in the name of Allah not only supports Hillary Clinton, he also supports the Taliban. Like his son, Mr. Mateen is extremely homophobic. When asked by a reporter about the unthinkable and embarrassing optics of having a man such as this attend her campaign event, Hillary Clinton blew off the question entirely. It would seem that to  Mr. Clinton, “terrorist lives matter?”

When a political campaign that allows gay hating, Taliban loving people who breed terrorist murderers stand next to you, what message do you think you are sending to the world?

When asked by a reporter on why he supports Hillary Clinton, the homophobic, Taliban loving  Mateen said he, “likes  everything she stands for .”  I guess to a father of a radical Islamic extremist,  it would seem quite natural for him to think Mr. Trump is the one who is dangerous because of his opposition to radical Islamic ideology. This only furthers the point that those who believe and support radical Islamic extremists, Hillary Clinton is the candidate for you.