imageIt’s time to break out the champagne everybody! If you can still afford it.  Two old friends won big last night. They both garnered a majority of votes in six liberal states that happen to be situated in the Northeast Corridor. Although we are often told these two old friends come from two different political ideologies, they both share the same northeast values when it comes to many of the important social issues of our time.

Let’s take a look at a few major issues these two old friends can raise a glass and agree on.

  1. They both agree that a grown man should be legally allowed to use a woman’s public bathroom.
  2. They both agree that American citizens should be mandated by the federal government to buy health insurance.
  3. They both agree that illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in our country as long as they continue to be good citizens.
  4. They both agree Planned Parenthood should stay in business and receive taxpayer money even after it was learned that it had profited from selling body parts of aborted babies.
  5. They both believe that it is normal and appropriate to allow gays to serve in the United States military.

Should these two good friends make it all the way to the general election, one wonders if scheduling any debates would be warranted considering they both share the same northeast/New York values. With this in mind, why go about pretending they are running against each other. Instead of doing this political fan dance why not just put these two good friends on the same ticket?