IMG_0477Something had to be done quickly to quell the sudden media storm Hillary Clinton received after a video revealed her horrifying medical emergency at Ground Zero on Sunday afternoon. The narrative spin put out by her inherently dishonest campaign team was that Hillary was simply tired from “powering through” her hectic campaign schedule. As usual, her fawning media freaks were glad to broadcast her campaign’s scripted lie in unison.

As we have seen with every Clinton screw up or scandal, the liar czar media is there to help clean up the mess. Whether it’s a blue dress, phony foundation, secret email server, Benghazi talking points or a compromised medical condition. They are always there to help boost team Clinton.

The Clinton’s and their friendly media hacks are corrupt to their very core. They dishonestly coexist together in a politically corrupt universe of misinformation bull crap to keep the truth from ever reaching the American public. They will gladly¬†power through any lie in order to keep their politically corrupt universe in tack.