imageAccording to close advisers to the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign, the recipe for winning the White House is all about keeping it simple. Their strategy is essentially working. All Trump is simply doing is speaking at a fourth  grade level to his loyal supporters so that they can understand him. Who knew that running for president would be so easy?

It is also fundamental to understand that the 2016 Trump campaign isn’t about debating serious issues pertaining to the constitution, personal freedom or the pursuit of happiness. It’s nothing more than a phoney television reality show.

A presidential candidate who seems to care more about tweeting 24 hours a day rather than speaking about the important issues that threaten our constitutional republic is someone who needs to stay in the world of reality television and out of the real world of presidential politics.

When a presidential campaign becomes a reality show, then that presidential candidate is devoid of any reality. Donald Trump has proven that running for president in 2016 isn’t about reality in any way. It’s far from it. This proves that in the world of presidential politics in 2016, nothing is real anymore.