NBC and its parent companies have clearly become official partners with the Clinton Foundation fraud. Comcast and NBC Universal have enriched the Clinton Foundation with thousands of dollars in donations, free promotional programming and free access to a multitude of news anchors and correspondents who work for the once proud and credible news network. Those news correspondents and celebrities from past and present include, Tom Brokaw, Matt Lauer, Jenna Wolfe, Nancy Snyderman, Joy Bauer, Seth Meyers, Maria Bartiromo, Kelly Evans, Jenna Hager, Jean Chatzky. Everyone of these people should be held accountable for their participation in the Clinton Foundation scam. They helped sell and perpetuate the fraud.

NBC News would even go out of their way and hire Bill and Hillary’s under-qualified daughter for what had been reported to be a $600,000 contract in 2011. Chelsea’s new job was to do various reports for Brian Williams short lived show, “30 Rock.” Shortly after Chelsea signed with NBC, Brian Williams excitedly gushed about how remarkable and adept Chelsea would be at reporting. He even spilled the beans to CNN’s Piers Morgan as to why she was hired in the first place. It was because of her, “access” and “last name.”

After a great deal of promotion and fanfare, Chelsea would fail to meet the high expectations placed on her by the network. Sadly, her brief career at NBC would be over in just a few brief months. Shortly thereafter, Brian Williams would be put on a leave of absence by NBC for embellishing his news accounts.

It looks like the folks over at NBC are not only donating their time, money, talent and programming to the Clinton’s and their foundation, they have also given a large salary to their daughter for the sole purpose of gaining access and influence with the Clinton family. When a supposedly well respected global news organization such as NBC News openly decides to becomes a political arm of a presidential candidate all while promoting that candidate’s fraudulent foundation, then that news organization can no longer claim to be well respected and unbiased. What NBC and the Clinton Foundation have now become are deceitful partners in a fraudulent scam. The Clinton’s are allowed to amass millions of dollars for themselves while in return NBC gains influence and access to the Clinton universe. Not only has NBC lost all of its credibility as a news organization, they have become a willing partner with the Clinton’s in perpetuating the fraud that is called the Clinton Foundation. What an embarrassment!