I came up here to be an expatriate from Obama’s  new world order –  of jobs for Wal-Mart greeters and Kroger bag boys at minimum wage, for EVERYONE 55 and older. That is how he saved the economy. While playing golf…
And I had sentimental reasons as well. My mother was born here and she never changed her citizenship. Even though she spent her entire life paying US taxes in to Social Security.
Which begs a very funny question – why are we all paying in to Social Security which is going bankrupt, when WELFARE will NEVER go bankrupt?
It would of been a much better investment decision when one thinks about it, to never of had a job. And then get a free Obamma phone and “dith-abilty” as our entitlements. Why, did I never think of that option?
How does socialism work up north?  Funny you asked. This is how it works – Yesterday was my first trip to a Canadian gas station. The sign on the post says regular $1.17, I say to myself “far fucking out”, this is an oil rich country isn’t it?
Then I find out that socialists sell gas by the litre, not by the gallon. In other words it is actually 1.17 x 3.78 = or $4.42 a gallon. When I left Tennessee we were paying I think,  $2.39 per gallon.
It cost me $30 to get half a tank of gas.  Here is the breakdown in basic socialist mathematics :
1. 13% HST tax per litre
2. 10 cents Federal Tax per litre
3. 14.7 cents Provincial Tax per litre
WTF is a “Provincial Tax” if the government already got it twice above?
Lets do some other basic mathematics  here – there are 3.78 per litres to a gallon. The cheapest socialist gas available is $1.18 per litre so therefore $4.46 per gallon. Now then, per socialism:
1. HST = 58 cents per gallon
2. Federal = 38 cents per gallon
3. Province = 56 cents per gallon
In other words, in an oil rich country – VERY oil rich – where the native currency is being destroyed by FALLING oil prices – there are $1.52 in taxes imposed on every gallon of gas…
And NOW they are going to spend all that money to bring in 25,000  hard on their luck Syrian terrorists?
Hi! Welcome to Canada! Here is your free EBT card! Please do not suicide bomb us! Until you get settled that is…
Mother of god just make this stop…