With Easter Sunday fast approaching there seems to be another fake and made up controversy closely behind it. It is being brought to us by religious haters of the American left with the assistance of the Obama Liar Czar media crowd. The newest fake controversy that is being fabricated by the commie left is about as stupid as the average democrat socialist voter. These media misfits really know how to manipulate the average leftist moron. Keep in mind these morons are never really motivated by the cold reality or by the real facts, but by raw emotion. We are currently watching this media malfeasance avalanche on display this week against the state of Indiana and its Governor Mike Pence.

What the good Governor simply did was sign into law a similar law that Bill Clinton signed back in 1993. That law was called, “The Religious Freedom and Restoration Act.” The law simply prevents the government from forcing people of faith to violate their religious beliefs. The Indiana law just so happens to be identical with the same type of legislation adopted in 19 other states. When Bill Clinton signed this law in 1993 I don’t recall leftists wack jobs going nuclear back then. As of today 65% of Americans favor laws that support religious liberty. So why all the media fuss against Indiana and its Governor now?

Back in 1993 the democrat party was a mainstream party that stood for the religious freedom of every American. Today, twenty two years later the democrat party has cast aside those religious values and has sworn allegiance to the communist party. Thats all you need to know to understand why the commie left is on a rampage on this religious liberty issue. First of all, they hate anyone who adheres to Christianity. Any kind of moral relativity cannot be tolerated because it goes against their belief of an all powerful totalitarian state. It also must be noted that Mike Pence is considering a run for the White House in 2016. Also, it was just last week that the republican presidential front runner Ted Cruz vowed to coalesce the silent moral majority in this country into a non-stoppable voting block for 2016. Cruz and Pence are threat to the planks of the commie left. Leftists believe the state is the only entity that should decide what is right and what is wrong. Any kind of moral judgement from any religion threatens that tyrannical belief. Any time the commie left can get a chance to mobilize their ignorant voter base and media army for the purpose of attacking anyone that threatens their failed Kremlin ideology they will jump at the chance without looking at or paying attention to the real facts on the ground. Keep in mind that these comrades are just as petulant as their dear leader and anytime they can community organize against the people of any state that doesn’t adhere to the strict agenda of their fake Christian-in-chief they will take full advantage of the stupidity of their own base in order to mobilize them. This is exactly what is happening in Indiana this week.

For the left, the real issue here is not about religious freedom or tolerance, it is about the exact opposite. If you do not willfully submit to their totalitarian collectivist ideology you will be subject to ridicule and scorn from a small minority that pretends to be a majority using their media fog horns. They don’t believe in any kind of individual liberty or freedom. They believe the individual must conform and submit to an all powerful, all knowing government that wrongly believes can better run your life than you can. Whether your Mike Pence, Ted Cruz or any person of faith, the communists and their liar czar media partners are hellbent on targeting anyone who rightfully believes that human rights do not come from them, but from God. Happy Easter everyone!