chippy521America is not only experiencing scandal fatigue, it is experiencing Marxism fatigue. Marxism is a failed economic and political system of socialism that empowers the state to define rules and regulations that stifle and inhibit individual liberty and freedom. China, North Korea and the former Soviet Union are examples of this ideology. The state runs capitalism, not the private sector. Marxism is seen today in every democrat/socialist agenda on Capital Hill.

The Democrats/Socialists goal has been to slowly embrace communism as the new American economic engine so as to wipe away years of perceived intolerance for a more just American way. The left does this with policies that ultimately take away more authority from the private sector and hands it over to the government in Washington. They have done this with healthcare, educationhousing and the financial industries.

Marxism eventually fails because it causes societies to collapse leaving the state in ultimate control of the people. The Marxist utopia can never be achieved because the state can never fulfill its false promises. It replaces the private sector with an all powerful corruptive state. When you shrink the private sector you also shrink the economy which causes the elimination of good paying jobs. This is why we have a stalled economy. It’s done by design to grow government.

As the American government gets bigger and bigger it can’t possibly handle the bureaucratic madness and corruption it creates. We see this in then Veterans Affairs scandal. The VA is the second largest department in the United States government with a budget of 152 million dollars and over 182,000 employees.

Yesterday’s press conference Jay Carney lied when he said the administration first learned about the VA scandal from the press.

In 2009 Obama bragged about being on the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs so he could falsely promise to, “fight to serve our veterans.” and “build a 21st century VA that would stop delays and red tape and stand up to rationing care.”

The Marxist always uses wonderful melodic class warfare rhetoric to sell his utopian ideas. He or she will always promise you what he or she will do for you in the future without ever discussing or exposing the truth about Marxism’s horrible past. The future promises always out weigh the inevitable damage and harm that is associated with Marxism. This is why the damage and harm should never be revealed and must always be covered up. This can be done easily by a reliable and compliant press.