Hillary Clinton is no different than any other dishonest politician. The truth must always be hidden. Anyone or anything that shines the light of truth on their dangerous agenda must be quickly removed and extinguished. This is why Hillary Clinton has continued to obfuscate and deny she never sent or received any top-secret information using her illegal,  private email server. Never mind that the server was unsecured in the million dollar estate of a former impeached president of the United States. It was only on June 25, 2015 that Hillary Clinton whole heartedly denied any rule breaking on her part.

According to newly obtained documents by government officials, Hillary Clinton did lie. She sent and received classified and top secret emails from five government agencies. On Tuesday the FBI and the Justice Department have presumably confiscated Hillary’s thumb drives and servers to further investigate the illegality and criminal activity on the part of the democrat presidential front runner. Never before in our nations history has a presidential candidate been investigated by the federal government during a presidential campaign. One can only imagine the disfunction and turmoil that is suddenly rifling through the bowels of the Clinton campaign this week?

New polling data released this week doesn’t foretell good news for the Clinton campaign either. Socialist senator Bernie Sanders has overtaken Mrs. Clinton in New Hampshire in a new Franklin Pearce/Herald poll. The poll results give Bernie Sanders 41% to Mrs. Clinton’s 37% in the Granite State. In Iowa, Public Policy Polling in April showed Hillary Clinton leading by four points. Today, she is losing to four republican contenders by four points. A recent Quinnipiac University Poll found that Hillary is losing to three republican contenders in the all important swing states of Colorado, Iowa and Virginia. The truth is finally beginning to see the light of day concerning the criminal activity regarding the former Secretary of State and the presumed democrat presidential nominee. In June, 57% of voters viewed Mrs. Clinton as not honest and trustworthy. With the damning new email revelations that surfaced on Tuesday, that undoubtably highlights Hillary’s lack of honesty and truthfulness, look for those negative poll numbers to eccelerate causing what little momentum her flailing presidential campaign once had to falter.