chippy0523Whenever there are any “allegations of misconduct” regarding the various scandals enveloping the Obama presidency, the American people are initially told that they aren’t real scandals until the president self appoints a review board to study and examine the facts.

When the study is completed and the facts are known the American people are then told that the scandal is nothing more than a misunderstanding of the facts and that the situation will be resolved internally. Finally, with the president’s self appointed review board’s obvious conclusions, the American people are told that the misconduct that occurred was due to a “lack of funding.” They are then lectured and shamed by their president and his socialist acolytes that Americans need to pay more to correct the problem and should anyone disagree with their solution to the problem that they created; you are declared a racist, or a homophobe bigot – who just doesn’t care about people.

Take for example the Veterans Affairs scandal. Democrat minority leader Nancy Pelosi took to the microphone this week to suggest that the problems with the VA are merely George Bush’s fault. Pelosi went on to say that, “Maybe when we go to war, we should be thinking about the long term consequences and its ramifications. You would think that would be a given, but maybe it wasn’t.”  Perhaps Nancy Pelosi has forgotten the 2008 Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations bill that George Bush signed into law in 2008. It was heralded as the largest increase in VA spending in 77 years. The law provided 1,000 new claims processors to reduce the backlog of 400,000 claims by mainly Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans.

You see, the Bush administration did think about the long term care of the nation’s veterans. Nancy Pelosi even voted for it. She was so excited about her vote she wanted to tell the world about it.  And she did!

For Pelosi to suggest the lack of funding for the VA was inevitably the fault of the Bush administration is disgraceful. Another false narrative about the VA shortfalls is that Bush’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan created more VA patients and therefore inevitably clogged up the system. On the same day Obama falsely declared, “end of the war in Iraq will increase need for resources from Veterans Affairs.”  Looking at the facts Obama and Pelosi could not be farther from the truth.

Only 4% of the VA yearly budget goes to veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thats right 4%! The VA budget has exploded over 193% in last 13 years while at the same time the overall population of veterans has declined by 4.3 million. Obama, Pelosi and the rest of the democrat socialists lie and mislead Americans to think that not enough money is the problem at the VA. The problem at the VA isn’t the amount of money it receives, it’s about where it is being spent and who is spending it?

So don’t be fooled or surprised when the socialist democrats and their lying media shills start blaming the VA scandal on the “lack of funding” or the “Bush’s two wars” spin. Because none of that is true. What is true and the VA scandal proves it is that even with record spending budgets at the VA, which is the second largest department in Washington, big government never works. Spending more money to fix America’s problems only creates more problems for America to fix. That’s seems to be the socialist democrat agenda in a nutshell. The scandal is their agenda and its destroying America.