With the Clinton’s it has been well known to everyone for over thirty years now that whenever they get caught breaking the law, they automatically place the blame on right-wing republicans. Hillary is currently using this excuse in her response to her email scandal that was born out of the Benghazi investigation. The only reason the investigation has been on a snail’s pace over the past four years is because of the typical Clinton obfuscation of the facts while withholding information from the Clinton State Department related to the Benghazi terrorist attack.

On Sunday, the presumed 2016 democrat presidential candidate laughed at an interviewer who questioned her judgement in handling the Benghazi terrorist attack. Finding out the truth of what happened the night of September 11, 2012 doesn’t seem to be a big concern to Mrs. Clinton. Too Hillary it seems quite hilarious.


Ironically, during Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful presidential bid in 2008 her campaign produced an ad that asked, “who would you trust to take the 3am phone call?” The ad questioned whether Barack Obama’s lack of experience disqualified him to be commander-in-chief.

Just days prior to her testimony at the Benghazi committee on Capital Hill this week that questioned should be pondered by everyone, “Would you trust Hillary Clinton to take the 3am phone call?” Looking at Hillary’s previous behavior the answer is obviously ¬†no. First of all, under a Hillary Clinton presidency we would never have known if an emergency 3am phone call was ever made in the first place. Secondly, if Hillary Clinton were ever elected president we would to be forced to go through numerous long lasting investigations by congress just to find out if a 3am phone call was ever made during a deadly terrorist attack. Thirdly, the Liar Czar Media of the corrupt democrat party would help block any incriminating information that could be successfully used to understand the actual truth in any such investigation. After all, finding out the truth about any criminal investigation that happens to involve¬†their favorite democrat politician can be fatally damaging to their careers as well as their friends.

Hillary Clinton had the right to question whether Barack Obama had the experience to take a 3am phone call back in 2008. In light of the circumstances on the night of September 11, 1012, we now know Barack Obama didn’t have the cajones to answer a phone call from Benghazi late that night. As for Hillary Clinton, she has proven she can’t be trusted either to admit to making or answering that emergency call. Sadly, to this day we still don’t know the truth about what Obama or even she was doing on that tragic night. No wonder Hillary is laughing.