marxCommunist philosopher Karl Marx argued, “accumulation of wealth at one pole is at the same time accumulation of misery, agony of toil, slavery, ignorance, brutality, mental degradation, at the opposite pole.” He theorized that the rich were getting richer and the poor were getting poorer. Who was to blame? Why it was the rich business class.

Where do we hear that argument being made in the United States today? You use to hear it from far-left fringe movements like Occupy Wall Street or Today the Communist Party USA promotes openly that same message and is actively working with the anti-capitalist democrat party. 25 years ago you would have never heard any kind of anti-business talk from any prominent politician from the democrat party. Sadly, in today’s political landscape you do. They use the technique of, “class warfare” and “envy” to emotionally stir-up their uninformed and disenchanted base to motivate them to go out and vote.

Obama used this Marxist approach when he ran for reelection in 2012. He still uses it today to push his far-left agenda. Interestingly, the American people have caught on and now believe that the struggle between the rich and poor is increasingly growing under Obama’s watch by 19%.

Elizabeth Warren used this Marxist redistribution clap trap when she was running for senate in Massachusetts in 2012. It’s the same simplistic populist formula of taking from the so-called rich business class and redistributing it to a big government agency that ultimately fails to deliver to the poor. Many in her far-left party want Warren to run against Hillary Clinton in the democrat primary in 2016.

It wasn’t so ironic then to hear the presumptive presidential nominee of the democrat party, Hillary Clinton, use the same psycho babble rhetoric at a campaign event yesterday.

It is difficult to listen to a woman who has never built anything in her whole life, besmirch and belittle any individual who has worked hard enough to build a successful business. American businesses create wealth and good middle-class jobs that build the foundation for a productive economic engine. The American business model is the envy of the world. When far-left politicians openly declare, “you didn’t build that?” Thay are saying they have a greater desire to tax more, not less. When you tax more out of the private sector you get less of it. Fewer businesses equatess to fewer jobs. Did redistribution of wealth ever work in building an economy? No. The Obama economic statistics prove it.

It’s ironic that the party that champions itself as the party of the so-called, “middle class” has an anti-business mindset that in reality has destroyed the middle-class. There has been more destruction and degradation to the middle-class here in America than to the ISIS army in the Middle East. The middle-class job market has virtually collapsed witb 58% of all new jobs created since the Great Recession have been low paying and part time jobs. Mid-paying jobs have only accounted for 22% since Obama came into office. Because of the weak job market most Americans work more for less and on average have lost $4,000 per family in take home pay since Obama became president.

Under Obama the poverty rate has stayed at 15 percent and 50 million Americans continue to live under the poverty line. Since the election of 2008, 15 million more Americans live on food stamps and 93 million Americans have willingly or unwillingly left the work force altogether. The folks on Wall Street continue to create massive amounts of wealth due to the FED pumping trillions of borrowed money that continues to artificially inflate the stock market.

Karl Marx had a vision of the perpetual struggle between the Upper and Lower classes. In order for him to achieve this struggle the middle class had to be destroyed. This is what precisely has been going on for the last 6 years

By analyzing relevant economic facts and reviewing videotape of real American leftists, communist philosopher Karl Marx would be ecstatic with the progress being made today by the far-left democrats in America. It is very obvious that for a democrat politician to win an election today he or she must echo the mantra of the communist party. In 9 short days Americans can reverse this socialist spiral that threatens the very existence of America. When the ballots have been legally tabulated, we can then begin the process of turning back the failed vision of Karl Marx and his whiny band of democrat wannabes. They will ultimately wind up where they belong. on the ash heap of history.