Don’t worry America! Our fearless, dear leader assured us just last week that, “there is no imminent terrorist threat.” He would go on to infer that our federal government was on the job working hard 24-7 at keeping all Americans safe during the holidays. Yea right? Tell that to the families of the 14 individuals who were butchered yesterday at a Christmas party by two radicalized Islamic terrorists in San Bernardino, California.

After the Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris, France and now in San Bernardino, California, it couldn’t be more clear that Obama and his entire administration believe radical Islamic terrorism isn’t something they are too concerned about. During this administration, the words “radical Islamic terrorism” or “jihad” are never spoken. It’s as if they don’t exist. To them, the greatest threat to our national security is climate change. That’s right. They would rather wage war against carbon dioxide, instead of radical Islamic terrorism. Why would carbon dioxide pose the greatest danger to civilization as we know it? Without it plants and humans could not exist. These pathetic, idiots who believe in eliminating carbon dioxide from the earth’s atmosphere have obviously never attended a biology class let alone heard of the term photosynthesis.

Simply put, these people are dangerous and out of touch with reality. The dirty little secret is that over the last two years there have been over 20 cases of terrorist plots against the United States by Muslim immigrants. Most people don’t know about it because these incidents have been kept quiet by the government. The FBI currently has 900 ongoing investigations in all 50 states on individuals who have fought with or collaborated with ISIS. The data proves the cold harsh reality that climate change and fire arms do not pose the greatest threat to mankind, it is Muslims who have been indoctrinated into radical Islamic terrorism. It’s time for the president and everyone else in this country to come to grips with the startling realization that there has been more Islamic terrorist attacks against Americans, than mass shootings by Americans. America doesn’t have a gun control problem. It has a radical Islamic terrorist control problem.