Susan Rice was once again trotted out by the Obama administration to lie on the Sunday news shows about a new US agreement with Turkey that would allows US air forces to use that country’s airspace to help degrade the ISIS army with bombing raids. After she made her announcement the government of Turkey quickly walked back her statement and further denied that there was any such agreement.

If the Obama Liar Czar media lap dogs are willing to allow a proven liar like Susan Rice to continue to appear on their network news shows after her despicable Benghazi performance, not only is her credibility shot but so is theirs. It is a matter of trust. Why would anyone want to watch a so-called news program were everyone on these programs lies including the hosts. It is no wonder that trust in government and the media is at an all time low. That’s why these programs have continued to lose prestige and viewership over the last 6 years.

Somebody needs to notify Susan Rice and the rest of this incompetent regime that Turkey is not an ally of the United States. They are an ally to ISIS. Below is a picture that was tweeted out by the Turkish police showing them saluting the ISIS forces thus proving their allegiance with the terrorist army as it marched near the Turkish border last week.


While Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan promises not to let the Syrian border town of Kobani fall to the ISIS army, his army sits idly by watching the grave situation go from bad to worse. Already 150,000 refugees have fled from Kobani to make shift camps inside the Turkish border.

When both your allies and your adversaries see the American government routinely lie over and over again on the world’s stage, trust is diminished causing old friendships and alliances to wither away while new, dangerous and evil alliances coalesce. This leaves America in an alienated position of not just leading from behind, as some have suggested, but not leading at all. Who wants to be part that?