2KAllOverThe year was 2000 and it ceremoniously arrived to worldwide fanfare and fireworks in hopes that a new century would bring peace, harmony and goodwill. Expectations were high in light of the fact that the decade of 1990’s brought us much the same.

This was the same year Muslim extremists would be plotting in America to kill thousands of Americans in an attack on our financial, political and military institutions in hopes of bringing down our way of life. They would be successful in their attack that eventually would kill almost  3,000 Americans but our resolve was clear, we would fight them over on their land instead of on our own. After the dust and debris were cleared and the funerals were held it would later be learned that Muslim extremists were at war with America. The only problem for America is that we were not at war with them. America was asleep at the wheel.

Fourteen years later America is still sleeping. Today, unbeknownst to many in our country as well as our government, a great danger lurks inside and outside our country. The Islamic State of Syria in Iraq (ISIS) is the greatest danger we face today. They have vowed to destroy our nation and the threat they pose is greater than the threat that Osama bin Laden ever hoped to be. Their goal is to fly their Muslim extremist flag over the White House.


During the “Socialists for Obama”  demonstrations in Ferguson, MO a ISIS banner can be seen as an ideologically blinded  CNN reporter becomes a protest tool and inserts himself into the protests instead of covering the protests. The politicians and their media partners are all fools and it’s out there for all to see for domestic and foreign consumption.


When the Secretary of Defense told the world yesterday that ISIS poses a “bigger threat than we have ever seen.” Why is our southern border wide open?

Its all about money and votes. Damn national security! On one hand we have the socialist/democrats promoting open borders so they can sign up poor and uneducated future democrat voters who will ultimately need government assistance that will be provided by the working American taxpayer. On the other hand you have rino-republicans who promote the same thing so the Chamber of Commerce can get cheap labor while they get their coffers lined up with campaign cash.

So while dangerous Muslim extremists continue to receive funding of their own from America’s so called allies such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Turkey  our own politicians are doing the same thing in our country. They continue to keep the border open so as to willingly pander to undocumented immigrants for votes and campaign cash without knowing what country they are from and how dangerous they may be. Einstein said it best – “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

It’s 2000 all over again and America is asleep at the wheel.  We have now learned that a dangerous enemy is planning and plotting to harm her. While America retreats from the battlefields overseas and attention and effort is diverted to made-up race wars here at home, our southern border remains dangerously wide open. It sends a message to her enemies that America is bickering needlessly from within and therefore not paying attention to an outside evil that still exists.