imageFrom 1980 through 1988 the United States had a president who understood the need for America to be a defender of peace and prosperity around the world. The popular belief back in the 1980’s was that a proud America would never back down from any potential threat from any foreign country that wished to expand an agenda that was harmful to the values of any freedom loving nation on this earth. This was an attitude a majority of Americans proudly held and stood by. It was an attitude Ronald Reagan ran on during his successful re-election campaign in 1984. Reagan understood the dangerous nature of dealing with an aggressive Russian bear. That’s why his 1984 campaign ran on that idea.

Unfortunately, some 36 years later America has a very different president.  That president lives in a make-believe world that thinks all you need to do is sign unverifiable nuclear arms agreements and appear in photo-ops with the bear and his untrustful friends and they will then leave you alone. America has foolishly forgotten the aggressive nature that pertains to the old Russian bear. America has fallen away from the idea of protecting freedom and liberty here at home and abroad.  America now lives with the false reality that safety and comfort will coincide with the naive notion that just leaving the dangerous “bear” alone is enough to keep the ferociousness of the animal in check. With what we now know about Russia’s involvement with Syria, that idea does not comport to reality. Americans have forgotten that when a bear wants something badly, it will stop at nothing at getting it. There is no success in pleading or negotiating with the bear.

America’s foreign policy has been asleep in the woods for the past 6  years while the old Russian bear has been on the prowl expanding its military presence in Ukraine and now the Middle East. President Obama’s stupefying and foolish foreign policy decisions of toppling stable governments and replacing them with dangerous Islamic theocracies is mind-bogglingly stupid.  His destabilization of the Middle East has left a power vacuum so large that not only the Russian’s can see it, but everyone else can too. That reality has left the door wide open in allowing the old Russian bear to expand his horizons by grabing anything and everything it chooses. Somebody needs to tell president Obama that thanks to him, it is 1984 all over again!