There was an early morning raid in Fort Lauderdale this morning. It happened at the home of a former member of president Trump’s campaign team. It took 17 SUV’s and 21 armed FBI agents to apprehend an old man in his pajamas. The crime this dangerous individual is accused of was lying to the FBI and congress. We can understand why the FBI needed a large contingent of manpower because that’s how weak and ineffective the FBI has become. The FBI used to be about law and order. Sadly, in this country. It doesn’t exist anymore.

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We know this raid occured this morning because the FBI/Mueller illegally leaked the raids timing to fake news channel CNN. The same CNN who in the past received leaked information from former FBI directed Jim Comey, Obama Director of Intelligence James Clapper and Obama CIA head John Brennan. All these leaks are intended to damage the current president of the United States. Why you ask? Well, it’s pretty easy to understand. Many socialist leftists are still angry their candidate didn’t win the 2016 presidential election. They all were promised positions of power in the socialist government of Hillary Clinton. The figure heads who began this two year impeachment which hunt are little Bobby “horse head” Mueller, “lying” Jimmy Comey, “Rickety” Rod Rosenstein, Jimmy “clap on” Clapper and “Mullah” Johnny Brennan. By the way, all the above lied before Congress. Why aren’t FBI goons knocking down their doors? All of these clowns didn’t like the results of the 2016 presidential election. There is never a peaceful transition of power when these bozos lose. They are like little children who have meltdowns when they don’t get their way. The only thing we’ll adjusted people can do is wait until these spoiled children stop crying before anything can be quietly done. The only problem is these insane people along with their fake news media have been in a crying hissy fit for over two years with no end in sight. So for the meantime, these sorry ass individuals will be going after anyone and everyone who is either young or old who has worked for or supported president Trump. Whether you are a young man of faith who wears a “Make America Great Again” hat, or an old man who worked for president Trump. You are fair game for the full force of leftist agitation from those at the FBI, the Mueller witch hunt and the fake news media. These ass clowns are allowed to get away with leaking and lying all they want. For those of us who adhere to the rule of law. We lose. Because in this country. It doesn’t exist anymore.