chippy_phoneWhile our wonderful president vacations this Father’s Day weekend in California and is busy fundraising, golfing and berating average Americans who don’t believe in his global taxing scheme called climate change, the whereabouts and safety of two Americans is still unknown. Last month the two men were dragged out of their vehicle and beaten by a crazed mob of armed Iraqi militants.  Where are they this weekend?  2 minutes and 20 seconds into the video the crazed terrorist mob finds….”Americans!”

Watch Americans Abducted

It would seem to me that with this administration now willing to negotiate with Islamic terrorists, we could be facing a possible hostage situation on our hands if indeed these two Americans are still alive.  Just this past week Obama lectured Americans that, “we don’t leave anyone, men or women in uniform behind.”

Why do I wonder if the red phone in the White House is ringing? Is there anybody there to pick it up?