Democrat operatives from the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign have illegally colluded with her superPacs to foment violence at Donald Trump rallies across the country. James O’Keefe at Project Veritas has gone undercover to expose how democrat organizations such as Democracy Partners, the DNC and Americans United for Change work behind the scenes to create astroturf protests to foment violence inside Trump campaign rallies. This is all done to portray his supporters as violent racists.

One of the many rabble rousers the video documents in the unlawful practice of working with the Clinton campaign and her Super PACs is Robert Creamer. He is a former ex-con who happens to be married to socialist democrat Jan Schakowsky of Illinois. Bob Creamer is also a consultant for the far left socialist /progressive activist group Americans United for Change. The group, formed in 2005 to attack George W. Bush was a leading advocate of two of Obama’s failed agenda items. The unsuccessful economic stimulus package in 2009 and the disastrous health care law the socialist democrats pushed through using a budget gimmick the following year.

What is now clearly known is Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been caught illegally paying the Democrat National Committee to hire ultra left wing community organizing groups to incite violence at Trump campaign rallies. We first started to see the evidence of this when violence started breaking out at several Trump rallies in Chicago this past summer. Little did we know at the time that it was Hillary Clinton’s paid rabble rousers doing the job all along.

This type of communication between Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, the DNC and her outside Super PACs is illegal under federal campaign election law. Mrs Clinton is not only guilty of breaking the Espionage Act and the Federal Records Act while working as Secretary of State, she also broke several federal campaign election laws while running for the White House. When it comes to the democrat party and Hillary Clinton, breaking the law seems to be an every day occurrence. To them, breaking the law is just part of doing business.